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Catalog the items you hold dear, associate them with categories and storage places. Keep track of items you lend or borrow, as well as how many are currently in your possession.
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Conceptualize and hierarchize your storage spaces.

*** "Items & Storage is a great tool to keep you and your possessions organized no matter what your living circumstances." -

*** "Nice application to help keep track of where you have stored things as well as things borrowed, lent, and that you may be running low on." -

eStorage allows you to catalog any items you want to: household items, tools, goods, documents, collections, etc. There’s no limit to how many item categories can be entered. Each new item can be given a name, description, value (useful for insurance), picture and quantity (set to 1 by default).

The bar code reader featured in the app enables you to easily add its ID to an item, and recover the information related to an item (Iphone 3GS/4/5 and new iPad).

The items can be associated with the categories you choose: clothes, computer hardware, files, tools, materials, etc. (you can of course create any category you need).

In order to easily keep track of lent or borrowed items, eStorage gives you the opportunity to register the information (person, date) related to such operations.

To help you easily retrieve your stored items, eStorage enables you to associate them with a storage location: geographic reference, room, piece of furniture, drawer, suitcase, etc.
Storage spaces can be organized into several hierarchical levels, like living room / closet / shelf / box, for example

eStorage comes with powerful search engines allowing you to instantly retrieve any item, information about it, its lent/borrowed status and storage space on the one hand, or all the items stored in one place or belonging to the same category on the other hand.

For users wishing to accurately monitor their item storage levels, eStorage also enables precise quantity management for each item, including the setting of storage shortage alerts to quickly spot items whose quantity is below the predetermined level.

eStorage allows you to export the data (items and storage locations) as a CSV file (which can be imported into most spreadsheet programs) sent by e-mail. This allows you to view and manipulate the data on your computer.

* LITE Version, limited to 15 items and storages *

Universal application with full resolution support for iPad.
iOS 7.1 or above, Retina Display optimized.


Great app

I got this app to build a working inventory of my "emergency" supplies and I love this app. I just wish there was a little more flexibility on the display customization because I'd like to see the on hand, normal inventory, and variance lines on the different display pages but all in all I do love this app for what I'm using it for.

Wow, just WOW

I was amazed at the power of this app. It does everything I need it to do for keeping track of my guns and other necessities. I'm read for the zombie apocalypse now. Seriously, you can make detailed inventories of everything you own and produce reports, and even export your data to an external database. Fantastic! Hard to believe this is a "lite" version.

Very cool...

Just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

What's missing!

Out of all the inventory lists and tasking apps I went through (and I went through a lot!) this app is what I needed. I own a restaurant and keeping up with inventory is a cinch. I will say though that this app is being contested against wunderlist for the fact that wunderlist has the ability to cloudsync to all my devices with just the touch of a button! This app, however, does provide a photo and allows for quantity count with a low stock alert for when you're running low on certain items. Bottom line, if items and storage could have the ability to cloudsync instead of exporting and importing through iTunes, this app would surely be the number one storage and inventory app!

Correct Misspellings
Lisa Faith

All is okay, does what it is supposed to do. Sad that there are so many misspelled words throughout the app. Would have thought it would be a little better edited.

Great app!
Timothy Park

Its good !

Great, but...
Slightly OCD

Well-developed free app--at least enough to quell my mild OCD-ness, especially compared to the other apps of likeness. I managed to take at least one picture for an item before the entire app's camera/add picture became (and remains) unresponsive. I deleted the aforementioned picture that I took moments before to see if the glitch would disappear, but it wasn't the case, unfortunately. Any explanations as to why the camera/add picture function isn't working properly?

Great app

Use it at work all the time

This is close to what I'm looking for

This seems very straight forward and self explanatory. The only reason I don't have to paid version is because I am looking for an app that can combine inventory at numerous locations. While I can make numerous locations, I would have to start up another database - it looks like I would have to start over with the categories and inventory items? I wild like to be able to manage and view all locations in one database. Is this possible to add to the app? I'm looking at another app that can do this but isn't as user friendly as this one!

Liked it, bought paid version

I used it for 2 weeks, initially to organize the internal components of multiple computers, with plans to expand if it works--and it does, so I bought it. Warning: Backup the database!! Either by iCloud, iTunes, or CSV file sent via email. See the About, FAQ entry. More later. While testing, had to slowly delete the demo items to fit my new Items in the 15-limit iStorage Lite database. I left some items (like Loaned/Borrowed) for later reference, and printed some emailed reports (see Overview, Export by Mail). I use the built-in barcode reader for existing ID Tags (barcodes) on some equipment, or print new ones from my Brother 1/2" tape labeler for others. This is VERY helpful for lookups. Had a few false starts designing my Storages hierarchy, then decided one of the top levels to be Computers, then (computer name), then all the internal components inside that. Nice that there are multiple levels. Easy to move things around & change "Storages" names (though why am I forced to go to About, Settings, Categories to change the Categories names? These should be easier to edit. I made my initial categories of Computer Hardware, Standby Hardware (stuff on the shelf), Questionable, and Demo Stuff (all undeleted demo data was put there). With this app, you can start anywhere collecting data, and fill it in as you get it; new items initially go under "No Category" so you can easily find them. Now about backups and migrating to the paid version: the data does NOT disappear in the paid version like some have incorrectly commented, it simply has not been exported from the demo version then imported to the paid version YET. Run iStorage Lite, and the data's still there. So back up what you entered in iStorage Lite (I did the iTunes to computer backup, as well as emailed myself PDF & CSV data files), bought the paid version, backed that up for fun & reference, then imported the "old" database using iTunes. See the About, FAQ entry. Works great. So buy it, it's worth the $5. That's all for now. More review later.

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