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It's a game known by many names: table hockey, bubble hockey, rod hockey.

Real 3D table hockey powered by Bullet Physics. Experience the passion of playing table hockey on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Great 3D graphics, real 3D physics powered by the Bullet Physics, simple control just like playing real table hockey.

NOTE: Recommend beginners start with One Touch control, which is accessible in the Options... Controls screen. Either from the main menu or the pause menu.

NOTE: Multiplayer, recommend using Wifi whenever possible when playing against friends as it has much less latency than Bluetooth.

Many ways to play table hockey...

• Play against CPU players.

• Play against your friends, using Wifi or Bluetooth.

• Tournament to play against rival nations.

• Three Skills mini-games to improve your skills and compete.
• Hardest Shot to work on your slap shot.
• Sniper to improve your one timer.
• Shootout to be able to beat goalies 1-on-1.

It's your team...

• 38 international teams from around the world, plus 1 historical team that is a MUST HAVE for all table/bubble hockey.

• Create and customize your own teams. Including the ability to change the jerseys and paste your own logos onto your character from your iPhone or iPod Touch Photo Library.

• Stat tracking keeps track of your STHL career.

Friendly competition...

• Earn Game Center Achievements based on your stats and performance.

• Ability to choose from different rink layouts and rules.

And then there's more...

• Rocking soundtrack.

• A quick tutorial to show you how to play the game.


Almost Perfect..

Please update it to make the game play more like the (Canada Table Hockey Game) I play that one more often because the game plays better.. i Still love this game bcuz i can make my own team but i feel it needs a little touch up on the players movement and the little player movement assists like Canada hockey game has would make it very very helpful and would make this game alot better to play.. and please offer better camara views the views that it offers now make the game meh aggravating to play..

Needs to be updated more than once a year

Have the developer(s) forgotten about updating this great game?

Update Issue - Goalie...STILL NEEDS FIXING!!!!

The newest update caused the Goalie to not work properly! If the Goalie is left in auto or semi-auto, he stops working and has to be used in manual. It's been like this for a few weeks (or months) now! Once that's fixed, I'll return the rating to 5/5!


The computer is on the wall stick handling and wasting 5 minutes of my time please fix that

Fantastic game

Only problem is that it needs better multiplayer

A few ideas to make it better

Its a fun game but like everyone else is saying it needs better multiplayer. It also needs an option to have a bigger tournament instead of only four teams. An option with eight and sixteen teams would be great!

This game is AWESOME!!

what an amazing recreation of playing real-life table hockey...I love it! It took a little to get the hang of it at first but it is great and I can't get enough!!! Awesome app that was the best $1.99 I ever spent!

Love it!

Great game, lots of fun, I created a lot of NHL and AHL teams in it.

Addicting, hours of fun, gameplay

Overall great game. When the tournament is moved to either 8/16 teams it will easily earn five stars!

4.5 stars

This game is very fun to play and the physics are just like the real table hockey game, it is very well done and the option to create teams is icing on the cake! The only minor bad thing is the lack of a season/bigger tournament otherwise it would easily be 5 plus stars!

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