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Snow Globe Maker AR/VR

What if you stand in the center of a snow globe? What you see? Snow Globe VR provides such an experience.
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Entertainment Free KENSHI DOI iPhone, iPad, iPod

There're 6 stages and you can watch not only snows, but also cherry blossom, rain, slime and jellyfish.
You can take pictures with these 3D objects by changing view mode to camera mode.
You can select texture images for the floor and objects from whatever images you have or built-in images.
You can also touch falling objects by touching screen.
There's fix view version of SnowGlobe, please try it too.
It has not only VR Box mode(side by side), but also 3D lens mode and 360 degree view.
You can synchronize views in multiple devices by tapping sync button in at the same time.


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