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"morph" is a strange creature which lives in a flat plane.
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Games Free KENSHI DOI iPhone, iPad, iPod

Let's find your own "morph" first. Initially, it's very small, so you need to be careful to find it. Let's be close to a flat place like top of a table and search it on the surface. You may touch the screen and move your finger, then it starts moving and it become easy to find "morph".
When you find your morph, let's give a name to it by tapping "Name: " label. Then, let's play with it. Tap it and it'll be delighted. Tap and drag on the screen, then it'll chase your finger. It'll dance when you tap the screen in a rhythm.
You may feed it and it'll grow up. Be careful, it'll need more space when it get's big.

Be careful with your surroundings when playing.
To feed "morph", you need to get in front of "morph" and get close to it.


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