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Smash the Business Twit (HD+SD) is a short and funny game. ()
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// You are THE KOLK and your task is to throw office items on as many businessmen as possible. Avoid the slime* and do not miss your targets. You can throw stuff just by running against it.

*no, it´s not its toxicity which is lethal. The slime just reminds you of your first and only true love, you lost when you were 8 years old. So if you come to close you will get very sad and intstantly depressive. And...yes you gonna die too...but due to sadness (not toxicity!);


Great way to work out some of that office rage

Simple game with very cute graphics that looks awesome on the iPad. It's easy to pick up and fun to play. A great time waster overall. For 2 bucks, you can't go wrong.

nice game concept!
Alo Gor

Worth to try it out!

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