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❀ Complex Puzzle Game ! ❀ Roses !
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Games Free owi mahn iPhone, iPad, iPod

❀ Spiky yet tender, wild but beautiful
❀ plant it, cultivate it, puzzle it out !

I developed this puzzle for my mother to keep her busy. Also I thank the Cocos2D Framework and its community. Have fun playing it!

In this extravagant puzzle you have to match lines either in shape, color or number of roses. The lines vary from three tiles to a maximum of five tiles. The flower tiles show three different kinds of roses including the original wild rose shape. The colors are white, yellow and red on a green garden background.

How to play

Tap the field to allocate a rose puzzle tile. This way the rose field is filled one by one. There are 27 different tiles from which 19 appear in each game. Each tile only exists once. For completing a line with matching tiles you gain points.


great puzzle game

A lot of fun. Clever and challenging. Easy to pick up and understand how to play. My high score so far is 43, not bad but not great, Im going to play some more and see if I cant get a better score.I havent completely figured out the scoring system yet - obviously longer matches are worth more - but different matches of the same length get different scores, so maybe certain traits are worth more points? Its free - its fun - it works your brain - download it!

Love it!!

Great game and very addicting.

love it!

I am completely addicted to this game! deceptively simple and incredibly frustrating. definitely one of my favorites.

This is GREAT!
Kat in ND

We have this on the computer, iPhone, and iPad! We love it. THANKS!

Best Game EVER!!!

I love this game so much, it's my favorite game!!! I was soooo excited when I beat my friends score because it's soooo addictive and quite hard and soooo much fun all globbed together. It also helps me think, too!

Great game for thinking
Adhithi Niru

Very much addictive and great game. My high score till now is 71.