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Slack is free iOS app published by Slack Technologies, Inc.

Status shows away when runs in background


Mobile app is not bad. But the experience of using app in mobile is not that great. The status shows away when the runs in back ground or when the mobile screen is off.

Pretty good app


Works ok I might use it for my business but I dobt think this app does email and that's kind of a key business feature at my business we need email

App continuously crashes


App keeps crashing on iPad Pro 10.5. It works great on my iPhone but not on iPad

Why do I get notifications for muted channels


Why do I get notifications for muted channels? This has been broken forever.



I like slack a lot, except for the notifications. Occasionally it won’t notify me or the notification will disappear quickly after showing up. That makes the app unusable.

Fun fun


Great tool, not only for poky, but for meeting other people too!

Works great

Jason somthing

My company uses Slack and it works great on many platforms. I use it on HighSierra and iOS 11. Nice features and very usable on my iPhone. Thanks!

Great app!


Love this app!

No offline mode


Slack is pretty good when it comes to messaging and stuff you'd expect from this platform. But for some ungodly reason it doesn't had have offline mode, so you cannot truly disconnect. This simple feature alone makes me want to delete it and not use it on mobile at all.

Best app I use!

Jones Home PC

The best app my team and I have!