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Skout is the global network for meeting new people.
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Instantly meet people near you or around the world. Discover new friends at a local bar or in Barcelona. Millions of people are connecting and meeting through Skout every day. Use exciting in-app features to increase your chances of friending or chatting!

Expand your social network with the tap of a button. It’s so much fun, you won’t be able to stop. Start Skouting and find your party, make new friends, or meet new people, anytime, anywhere.

Features: Meet people by preference and proximity, chat, see who checked you out, get updates from nearby users, buy and send gifts, save your favorite users, browse profiles and pictures, promote your profile with in-app features, earn points to unlock premium features.

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Please note: We take your privacy very seriously. You’re always in complete control – your exact location and personal information will never be given without your permission. YOU decide if, when, and how you want to connect.



I have messages that was there one min and now they r gone and I talked to couple other people and same thing happen to them one of the people I was talking to I know In person and it happen to our messages what r they going to do about it

Notification NEVER clear or accurate

This app is constantly saying I have unread messages and then you go in and nothing new. It also shows I have 20 notifications but only 1 message. This shouldn’t be difficult to fix and display accurate. Literally all my other apps work perfectly fine. Also I’m constantly being logged out!

It’s ok but not good for women

Age preferences should be fixed. If you have your age preferences set to 18-21 there should be no reason why someone 42 yrs old can message you/appear as a match. Also maybe a setting where you have to accept pictures? Sending nudes is entirely too common on this site. Maybe blocking IP addresses after so many accounts made - the same person can make like 5 accounts and harass you. There’s a guy who’ve I’ve blocked and reported well about 7 times (probably more) and their IP or email should’ve been blocked after the first 2 or 3 times. Also, the location setting is not good at all. Sometimes I get locals but most of the time, I get people on my meet tab from one state over at the closest. Honestly, if you 1. fixed the thing with age preferences (people your age contact you), 2. made it easier for harassers to get blocked and 3. Added an “accept photo” feature MORE WOMEN would use the app and actually stay :) one of the reasons why there’s more men than women on the app is because women get nudes sent to them by creeps. Also wouldn’t mind a stealth option

Chatbots and more chatbots

Skout is nothing more than a breeding ground for chatbots. As soon as I log on I get message after message from hot 28 year old girls from other states that simply say “Hi!” If you respond you’ll get the same lines over and over again, trying to get you to message them through a different app. You report them, they go away, only to be instantly replaced with another chatbot. The zombie apocalypse version of an online social app.


DONT DOWNLOAD THIS RACIST APP. There aren’t any moderators or repercussions made against the evil, racist white people who use the app.

So many scammers!
festering rot

I like the speed of this app, I just wish they would use some kind of verification of a photo or something. The amount of scammers on here is ridiculous! At least they tell you basically where somebody’s broadcasting from, which is a nice feature because I can see it’s Nigeria. Also the explicit nature can be a bit much.

Kicked off

Skout assisted me to get my app fixed I’m very happy about that! Don’t waste money on premium just a scam all you get is no ads they harrass women to no end for every photo which are not nudes or even close! Guys send nude pics without asking no shirts but women are censored heavily! They want everyone to live stream which are mostly fakes and hookers who actual post PTP play to play as their message lol so disgusting but since they get money this way it’s allowed. They changed the policy which is absurd about no tight clothing no closeups yet men are shirtless and wear tight revealing pants and trust me there is no point buying premium Which gives you nothing but fills skouts pockets. The people are leaving in droves dive you can’t post a thing without a warning I guess we should we should wear clothes from 1920 and pay them god this ridiculous privelege Facebook had no restrictions like this and is free don’t bother waste of time effort and money scammers site anyway I wasted money for nothing

Update for iphone

I’ve been trying to reach customer service is the worst my account has been closed for something that never happened and I cannot get anyone to help me!


Can you fix the bugs? The messages load up screen and the app in general keep messing up


I get alerts saying I have 6 new messages but when tap on my message icon I have no new messages.