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You can become the most dangerous shark in the ocean. Swim the deep seas, prowl the ocean floor, and eat the fish that you see. You are the feared Great White shark, the most feared shark in the ocean. However there are dangers to be feared. Monster piranha and blowfish will try and attack you before you attack them. Be careful, they can hurt you! If you can make it far enough into the ocean you will encounter the king of the deep, a giant octopus who has been eating great white sharks for years.
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Games $0.99 DaisyBo LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

In this fast paced action game, you will have your skills tested. Can you move fast enough? Can you get the piranha before they get you? Download now and put your skills to the test.

"5 stars!" - GamesOnline
"Fast paced and addicting!" - SmrtGamer
"5/5 stars. Excellent game!" - TechFlav
"Jaws on steroids!" - GameFann

It's a must see, must play game! Don't be afraid to get into the water!



Its an okay game.. U can't reach the ones on the very bottom and if u try to dodge them.. U get hit by other things


This game is so boring! I want my 99 cents back :(

False advertisement!!

Who ever made this's game in my option is a thief, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! this game has nothing to do with the pictures it displays! REDICULOUS worse then a ATARI game! A shark that moves only up and down and shoots at targets! NOT 3D

Stupid game
This game is stupid.123

I'm so mad this game is a rip u go up and down and shoot lasers this is a false advertisement they better give me my 99 cents back.........

Waste of money
TMNT 539

This is a stupid game for idiots. It is a waste of money. I want my 99cents back !

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