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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Do you want to build a snowman? Of course you do!
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Entertainment $0.99 DaisyBo LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Build an awesome snowman to be your friend! Create a snowman with snowballs, hats, eye, carrot nose, and more! There are thousands of possibilities to create your own perfect snowman.

Add you own snowman to your pictures! Put him in your house, outside, or in the car with you! It's fun and easy for all ages!



This app is terrible! The images shown here, of the app, are very very misleading. If there was an option to put zero stars , I would of. I will definitely being trying to get this app removed or at least show more accurate images of the app!!

Not great

Very frustrating for kids. No option to save the work and when you place new items on the page it's too close to the new project button. If you accidentally push it you lose all your work.

Where's the snowmen?

Where are the snowmen models to put the accessories on? Without a snowman to start with, this app is useless! Am I missing something??

Rip off!!!

Where's the snowman and hard to use. Don't buy it!!!!!! I want my money back!!!

Grandma s 1953

No snowman and no way to save. A waste of money

Where's the no stars option?!
B Chill 408

I should have read the other reviews before buying it. It's very frustrating to lose your work because you accidentally hit the "new project" button trying to bring the new item into the frame. You can build a snowman by inserting snowballs from the menu of "thousands of options" which is not true...but who has time to troubleshoot an app that was supposed to be easy and fun? I feel like the kids who fell in love with Olaf from the movie were taken advantage of with this pointless game. Disney should be notified of this misleading use of their brand. Boo on all counts! And if that weren't enough, I'm forced to give it at least one star? Where's the no star option?! I want my money back.

Zero stars

This is the most ridiculous waste of money app there is. C'mon. There is no snowman... Just a bunch of accessories to slide around from a separate menu. Hard to maneuver and a complete rip off. You should be ashamed - this app should be removed as an option to buy. I want my money back

Amazing app

I know everyone is saying it isn't worth your money, but it isn't. AND YOU CAN SAVE YOUR PRODECTS, IT GOES TO YOUR PHOTO ALBUM

Ghh fgh

JK very bad

Not even a snowman builder

This app shouldn't exist. You can't even build a snowman. Worthless buy. Don't bother!

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