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Fix it please


I bought this game because i loved playing it as a kid but now i regret buying about an IOS9 update or just some kind of update where the game fits the screen of newer is impossible to play when the onscreen controls take up the majority of the screen...i wish i had my money back...i do not recommend paying for this game or any of their games till they address this problem

Just like the arcade

Toyota tundra

Yes ....I loved to play SS when I was growing up.. And just like the arcade ...this game is to hard to enjoy ..there is no reason the game should be so hard..The arcade was hard you would poor more money in for revenge after getting beat so bad you could not see straight.. And that's smart good way to make money.. But there is no reason for this game to be so hard !!!!!!! IT'S WAY TO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Toyota tundra

I'm going to make this simple.. The game has a lot of potential.. BUT ITS JUST TO HARD !!!!! There is no reason this game should be SO HARD!!!!! It's not worth playing.. ITS TOO HARD!!!



Even at low difficulty setting still impossible to play.

Sound track is too slow


The port appears to be excellent but the soundtrack is slow. Upsets the tempo of the game. Please fix.

Revisiting my youth in the arcades

lil erns

AMAZING pot SNK...but where are the rest??? Samurai Shodown, Samurai Showdown III, Samurai Shodown IV, Samurai Showdown I need more!!!! Plus a revamp of the Series (like street fighter did) updated 2-D for PS4 - bring back the a redone new fame with the old school controls and BLOOD that was left out of SS6

I can't kick

Moorish Black

The kick buttons won't work with Bluetooth controller. Needs to be corrected ASAP! Everything else looks great. Will increase rating when I can perform kicks with a Bluetooth controller.

The Best Fighting Game EVER Made!!!


22 years later and this game is still without a doubt, the BEST fighting game that's ever been made, on any platform. The artistic styles, the character designs, the bone shattering epic moves of the fighters(especially that of Hattori Hanzo), and the most amazing soundtrack ever in a fighting game. All of this combines to create the most EPIC fighting game to have ever been created. This game is just as amazing as I've remembered it to be from the day I first played it back in the arcades so many years ago. There are only a handful of things in this world that has such an appeal that can last through generations, and I humbly believe that this game is one of them. I feel so sorry for today's gamers who has to play mediocre AAA games that has a lot of bells and whistles to them, but lacks any kind of charms or everlasting appeal. It will only take 10 seconds of playthrough with this game to make you realize what a masterpiece it is. This game plays perfectly on my iPhone 4S(which is another masterpiece of a product) with iOS 6.1.3. I really hate those sore losers that gave this gem of a game a 1 star rating because of the difficulty. To those guys... I just have one thing to say: please, GET OUT!! You guys can't even defeat the first opponent on the lowest difficulty setting?! Seriously?!?!?! I can beat this game effortlessly on level 5(challenging) difficulty from beginning all the way to the end boss without a single defeat using my favorite character of all time, Hanzo. So obviously, this game is not for you noobs!! These games were made back in the day for the people who actually have skills, such as pros like myself. The iOS version is a picture perfect port of the game with absolutely no compromises whatsoever. The touchscreen controls work beautifully. I can pull off every single epic move in Hanzo's repertoire with ease. I got really mad seeing so many reviewers with BS complaints about the touchscreen controls when it works perfectly on my iPhone. Back in the days, if someone were to tell me that one day I will be able to play this flawless game on my personal smartphone, my jaws would've hit the floor right there and then. But that dream has finally come true, and now I can play my favorite game of all time anywhere I want, whenever I want, and as much as I want. Samurai Shodown 2 is truly a work of art. I HIGHLY recommend this perfect masterpiece of a game to anyone!!!!!!

Make it compatible for iOS 10.1.1


The game is laggy on IOS 10.1.1, please fix it! Same thing goes to KOF 98....can't even play at all it runs as if it's in slow motion ! No way you don't update the game after purchasing !

Lousy Bluetooth support


The Bluetooth support for either the game pad 8-bitdo is crap. It crashes the game. It seems this is happening with all Bluetooth controlers. As for the versus mode just forget it! Neither phone will be able to pair with the other. It is just a shame!