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Unplayable in current state...


I have been playing a lot of SS7 and when i saw this, i almost screamed. But then i really DID scream when I actually got the chance to play....its really bad. Two out of 4 buttons DONT WORK (using Steel Series Nimbus, which work flawlessly is ANY other app) when I can get the game to play at all, which is for about 7-10 seconds before I get kicked back to the main screen. So, sadly, please do not buy until fixed. 7/26/2019

Nearly impossible to enjoy

Net AdminKT

The difficulty seems to be the same for levels 1 through 8: you get Nicotine for your first opponent, then Sieger, then Cham Cham, with some variation. Regardless, the first opponent is a breeze; the second is a little harder, but the third (regardless if it’s Cham Cham, Galford, etc.) is programmed to beat you, end of story. The CPU’s throws are prioritized over yours 90% of the time; they counter you near perfectly every time you mount an offensive (see INPUT READING). Even if you counter the CPU for the majority of your match, it will mount a comeback by reacting quicker than you. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens so often that, coupled with what I’ve laid out above, makes the game nearly impossible to enjoy. Enough people pay for this that I’m sure SNK gives ZERO tosses about these reviews, but here’s hoping my review saves at least one person $2.99.

Not recommended..


...Unless you’re only after the nostalgia. This is my favorite fighting game series ever and to have it here and unplayable is heart breaking to say the least. Without a real controller this game cannot be played to full skill where you’re able to be as nimble as this game requires. your thumbs end up sloppily fumbling around while the AI has perfect timing and really lays into you.. on my best day I was able to fight 4 opponents while usually only able to fight 2 on my normal days and a lot of times only 1 and quit after a good 1 fight whooping. (Can barely ever beat Sieger) The AI can grab you at will and toss you, and has an almost impregnable block! Attacks are not encouraged and barely countering gets in.. You need waaaaay more skill here with a screen than you would ever need than if you had a controller. It’s really too bad they decided not to include Bluetooth control connection . And to be able to connect two controllers would be even greater! This could’ve been the greatest fighting app ever! Maybe it still can???


Hubert uzco


Plz update for ios 11


Same as title



I loved this when it came out in the arcade. So it gets 5 stars for being faithful to the original. However, not quite the same without a real joystick. Still, the sounds, style and art are nicely stylized. A classic.


Main guy 29

Game controls are not meant for touch screen. No way to pull off a ⬇️↘️➡️ let alone pull off a ➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️➡️↘️⬇️for a SUPER move! Need a controller or joystick connected. ai is cheap and super hard to beat on LEVEL 1 difficulty!! I've been playing fighting games since the early 90's and it's impossible to pull thaws moves off! Great game but no way to play on touchscreen!!

Very difficult.

Eva Gyna

Very hard, even at level 1. Great choice for bringing back a classic game, but the AI makes it hard to enjoy. The high reviews make me wonder if they are playing a different game...and I want that one, not this unplayable one.

Great Port!


SS 2 is a great port that controls great and runs smooth. The difficulty is way too hard though. The only thing keeping this game from 5 stars is the insane difficulty. Even in beginner the game is too hard. Anyway, other SNK/Neo Geo games that I'd like to see released on iOS are Rage of the Dragons, World Heroes 2, Real Bout Fatal Fury: Special, and Samurai Showdown 4.

Under Achiever Here


Needs better Bluetooth connectivity. Needs on-line matching. Needs to be able to use Bluetooth control.. My favorite fighter is a no go here on iOS.. Looks good though.