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Road Trip is the fastest and easiest iPhone application for tracking your car's mileage, fuel economy, and maintenance expenses.
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Unlike other "lite" applications, Road Trip Lite does not limit the amount of data you can save. You can use Road Trip Lite for as long as you wish. If you decide to upgrade, Road Trip will transfer your data.

"There’s a ton of MPG apps on the App Store but Road Trip is the best because of its amazingly dense summary screen and its best in class fuel entry screen."
— Jason D. O'Grady,

"The most comprehensive road travel app of them all, Road Trip allows you to track mileage, fuel prices, graph out trip expenses, and even export the data to CSV"
— Ben Parr,

Travelling across the border? Road Trip has special support for cross-border travellers, including currency conversion and dual Litre/Gallon support.

Road Trip LITE features:
• The fastest and easiest keypad entry for fuel, price, and odometer input.
• Add fuel with a single touch.
• Fuel price/mileage graph and statistics, all on a single screen.
• Partial fill-ups
• Full international support

The full version of Road Trip offers:
• Data Import and Export (CSV, Microsoft Office compatible)
• Trip Meter and Odometer distance input.
• Multiple Vehicles.
• Foreign Currency Support, with on-line currency conversion
• Tire Installation Log
• Correct distances for non-standard tire sizes.
• Maintenance and Expense Tracking.
• Maintenance Reminders (fully customizable)
• Trip Expenses and Statistics
• Location, Octane, Driving Conditions, and Payment fields
• Enhanced MPG graphing
• Enhanced Statistics
• Same easy-to-use interface as Road Trip LITE.

International Support:
• Liter and Gallon fill units
• MPG (US)
• MPG (UK)
• km / L
• km / Gal
• L / 100 km
• L / 10 km
• Gal / 100 km
• Miles / L


Lots more information and screenshots on the website:

We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Drop us a note: [email protected]


Simply the best

First: to those reviews complaining of only one vehicle — pay a few $ and upgrade to the full version. Building apps as good as this one takes a lot of time and ongoing effort. It’s great we can even get this much for free. I just have one vehicle but I expect to upgrade just to reward the developer for her/his hard work! The care and attention in this app is explained in part by its long update history - 9 years, wow! This also suggests the app will be around for a while longer and won’t leave me stranded with data acquired over many years. I won’t rave about the many features. Suffice to say that fuel entry was quick and intuitive, and everything I thought I might need was already there. Thanks for making a trial version available and congrats on a well done solution!

Fantastic Lite Version

This lite app is awesome. I read the negative reviews before downloading anyway and I realize now that those reviews came from user misunderstanding. All you have to do is read the description to know exactly what you’re getting here. What’s great about this lite app is that if you strictly just wanted the features this version offered, then you wouldn’t even need to upgrade! Granted, the features you’d want if you’re looking at an app like this are in the paid version, but I have to say I respect the developer to create a completely functional app that a user can hold on to if it met all their needs. It’s also nice to get to test the app’s UX and see the UI before paying for the full version; app felt and looked great, so upgraded immediately. Anyway, if you’re looking to just track your MPG for a car, this is perfect. If you want more, get the full version - it’s worth it.

Love it!

I’ve used this app for years and I absolutely love it!

Needs to have more

This app is good for gas info but it needs more; I.e., expenses like tires, oil changes, new battery, repairs. Also need to be able to delete the demo vehicle and add several more cars.

P. Miami

The app is great if you have one car. But I have more than one, and it is complicated or impossible to use this app for more or different cars. I wish this would work or would be easier. I needed to download a different app.

It does what it does very well!

I was looking for a simple MPG logger... all others I found were either too fancy and was light on the MPG side, or wasn't displaying information correctly nor intuitively. This one was great! It does what it does well. I'm "upgrading" from PalmOS where I used Highway Manager for 12 years, and have been looking for something comparable, and this is exactly that. well, being a light version it only tracks one car, but enough for me to try and commit to buy the full version. Highly recommended!

Nothing you couldn't do with a pen and paper. But worth the download if you drive a lot
Hammy mcnutslap

Allows you to track mileage, simple and straightforward, good and easy to use.

Simple and to the point

This is a great app for being simple and easy to use. To many apps try to be do everything, and end up doing them half way. This one does a job, no more no less. Great app, and I have over three years of use from it. That alone should say something ...

too hard to read


I wish there was a way to give it less stars.
Sam Hawaii

This is a good app for the old trash can. Worthless. If you like the apps that you put on your phone to serve a purpose, I recommend finding a different app. This one really is a waste of memory space.

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