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Rapid 2: Fast Track Car Racing

***** TOP RANK IN 74 COUNTRIES *****
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Games Free Menno Spijkstra iPhone, iPad, iPod


'Fantastic Italian Sports Cars are Yours!'
'Love the Retro Feel of the Game'
'Controls of the Cars is Super Cool!'
'Play With Friends Option is Awesome!'

Where do you want to race today? ROCKY TRACK, SNOW TRACK or the MEADOW TRACK? All tracks are free with this new edition of the RAPID series. The uber great graphics will make your racing experience even greater. Beat your competitors by driving your Italian super car to the limit. Tilting your device will make you go left or right. And try to avoid the slower participants that you will find on your way. Their cars may be awesome, but there's only 1 KING OF THE ROAD!

Select the PLAY WITH FRIENDS option and look for any Facebook friend to race against. Show them who's the better driver! JOIN THE RAPID 2 COMMUNITY TODAY!

- 3 cool race tracks to choose from
- Beautiful Italian sports cars
- Great graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven game concept
- Race against your Facebook friends
- Ideal to kill some boring moments
- Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
- Invite anyone to play through email
- FREE version supported by ads
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
- Available on iPhone and iPad

***** SUPPORT *****
- Website: www.pogiplay.com
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/pogiplay
- Twitter: www.twitter.com/pogiplay


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Pretty boring

This game really needs some more action. All you do is drive strait and try to avoid the other cars that pop up in front of you.

Fun and simple
gracie f

It's a very simple tilt to move game here you avoid cars. It's great for a pass and play game between friend :)


Easy, intuitive and fun.

Fun, old-school game.

This game reminds me of the old handheld games that were available in the 80’s. Cheesy graphics, but it’s meant to be that way. Your goal is to tilt to steer your way through traffic and avoid other obstacles/vehicles. You have a horn but it seems to do nothing that I could see, so I guess it’s just a bonus novelty. Game play rapidly becomes monotonous, but is somehow entrancing. I would give this a better rating, but it runs an excessive amount of ads. They are unobtrusive, but between every single screen become tiring. Try this mini-type simple racing game if you like; it’s not bad for free.

gulnacrui X

As a free racing game, it's ok. There are tons of flashy racing game out there with way better visuals and gameplay.

Cool Racing Game

For the free price, this is a great racing game. It reminds me of some older video games with the graphics, but it is still fun to play and has great cars. Interface is simple and user friendly, game can be repetitive, but still entertaining.


Don't waste your time. 0 star

Great app

Very entertaining game. I love these speeding racing games. The interface is also very good and user friendly. This app is highly recommended.


This app is pretty terrible. There is no tutorial or instructions anywhere, not to mention all of the annoying ads. I've seen way better.