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Fruit Samurai: Cutting Expert

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'So Cool How The Fruits Splash All Over'
'Love The Graphics, Motion And Controls'
'I Keep Cutting Those Fruits Like a Samurai!'
'This Game Is Addicting and Keeps Me Going!'

If you enjoy slicing up fruits, you will totally love FRUIT SAMURAI! Slice up all the fruits that are being served up and make sure not a single piece escapes in one piece. But be careful not to hit the poison bottles, because that means game over! Awesome graphics and addicting gameplay will make you slice up like a true SAMURAI over and over again. Through Game Center you can check how you are doing compared to your friends, and the rest of the world.

The game consists of 3 modes: CLASSIC, ARCADE and ZEN and all come get for FREE. Experience 3 challenges and cut your way through the fruit jungle. Slice up several fruit in a single swipe and be rewarded. This game concept was chosen best game of the year by several blogs. So come on board, see how your friends perform online and try to beat them! JOIN THE FRUIT SAMURAI COMMUNITY TODAY!

- 3 different modes to slaughter fruits
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super cool 3D graphics and motion
- Addicting game concept
- Several combo cuts to earn rewards
- Great sound effects
- Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
- Invite your Facebook friends to play
- Turn on/off music and sound effects
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
- Available on iPhone and iPad

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- Facebook:
- Twitter:


Fun Game!

Really fun and challenging!

Nice game

Good game to play when ur bored

The Best Ever!!!

It's very good!!



Fruit samuri

I love the game, hate the adds. Paid for add free, adds still there, only they are harder to get rid of. They freeze, and sometimes won't go away.

Have Fruit Ninja? Don't get this game.
Chandler's iTunes

I don't even need to get this game, because I already have it. But it's not called Fruit Samurai, it's called FRUIT NINJA. I know this was not made by Halfbrick, so this is copyright. This game has the same modes and same gameplay as Fruit Ninja. Unbelievable. I would picture Halfbrick themselves coming to your door and arresting you for plagiarizing their hit game. Be happy I downloaded this waste of memory and time for this revolting disgrace. You update Star Fruit in this game, you are SO dead.


It is a bad game it won't let me play to many pop ups come up so that's why

Thank you!

I love your game!

Crashed every time
Dragon superhero

It doesn't even start

Bobby Boucher64

It's all right