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QR Code Scan Reader Best and Fastest for iPhone

QR Code Scanner makes it easy and simple to scan QR Codes.
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Business $0.99 All Pro Apps Corporation iPhone, iPad, iPod

QR Code Scanner:

--Fastest to use
--Split Second Scan Time
--Automatically recognizes QR and takes Action

QR Codes are everywhere and this APP makes them easy to use.

It comes with a full feature packed intuitive, high resolution, retina display with graphics interface with GREAT features!

QR Scanner can do all of the following with QR Codes:

-Provides a simple and easy way to scan all QR Codes even if they are upside down or sideways.

-Provides a fast scanning engine that takes less than a second to scan and provides the user with sensory feedback.

-An on board parsing engine that will take your QR Code content and take actions, such as sending an email.

-Has a recent scans pages so you can see your history.

Check out the screen shots to see the APP in action!

This QR Scanner supports the following content, with its built in engine:

-Contacts-Opens in Address Book

-Link-Opens in Safari

-Email-Opens in Email Handler

-SMS-Opens in SMS App

-Telephone-Opens in Phone Mode

-Geographic-Opens in Maps App

-Plain Text-Opens in Text Reader

Visit the app store and download this handy QR Code Scan reader and put endless amounts of information right in the palm of your hand


better than the rest!

great app! works wonderfully!

Best Code reader

This is the best Code reader on the market. Easliy worth the $. Thanks for the great app!!

It doesn't open!

Can I get my $0.99 back? It doesn't even open

Ripped me off!

This app simply does not work. It refuses to open. Avoid.


Crap...will not open !

T3 scanner
NG junk

This app would not even scan the code. I therefore can not rate it.

Won't work!

I spent all day trying to figure out what I was doing wrong before I realized that it just doesn't work! I chose to download this one instead of the free ones thinking that it would probably work better! Boy, was I wrong! Stick with the free ones, they work fine!

Does not open. BAD

Bought this app because I have an old iPhone and this is compatible with iOS 3+. Awful. As others have stated, will not open. Do not buy.

Almost got five, but very good nonetheless

I've been in the market for one of these apps for years now. This is perhaps my tenth permutation and I finally got it almost right. The developers put the right details in and skipper all of the useless bs. They just need to add on thing (see below). First and foremost, when you scan a code that links to a url address, this app opens it in safari. This is so much better then the vast majority of wood out there that use an interbank browser. Not only can you immediately start your work in safari, save it, etc, but this also allows you to return to the app and scan another code. I am very happy and highly recommend this one. My one request would be that I be able to take a screen shot, then use the photo from my library in the app. Many websites have QR codes embedded and it's a waste of time and paper to have to print the page just to scan it.

Not good

Closes app instant I press scan. Waisted $1

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