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Everybody enjoys puzzles. This collection is especially entertaining because the puzzles can be solved in more than one way. Some of the puzzles can be solved in just a few moves, but figuring out which moves is the challenge. These puzzles were specifically chosen to promote the development of problem solving skills. Finding the solutions involves the application of arithmetic, algebraic, geometric and logical thinking skills.
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PuzzleLogic consists of twelve puzzles. Most of the puzzle boards and pieces are simulated wood and tile.The puzzles are solved by moving the pieces on the screen until a solution is found.

Thinking through the puzzle and developing a strategy or plan of attack will assist in finding a solution. Sometimes the most difficult part of the puzzle involves visualizing the pattern which is at the core of the puzzle. Some puzzles are similar to others so the ability to find a solution will improve through practice.


Cross Sums

Elegant Octagon

Magic Square

Number Star

Triangle Sums


Lucky Stars

Sum Fun

Around We Go!

Money Magic


Circle of Sums


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