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Unleash your creativity in Buildville - a mutable block world where there are no limits.
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Games $2.99 James Podesta iPhone, iPad, iPod

NEW - Record your own sounds that can be played from scripts

Import images from your photo library or camera straight onto blocks and characters.

Create and paint your own blocks, objects and character skins. Make your own game rules. Build and populate your worlds and share them with others.

Supports Multiplayer which is playable cross-platform with the desktop computer versions or other ios devices on the network

Script events using a scratch-style visual scripting interface.

Record your own sounds


Ghetto hasel

Game of the year game of any year

It's good but
Buttsagington 55556439

I go on servres and there is none and I can't find my house PLEASE AN UPDATE ON THAT thanks

Like like like
Mario vs sonic is stupid

This game is very awesome


Buildville is the Best game that I've seen,and I have 5 suggestions... 1 and the really important one: please make us make our skin models! Like you want to create a new monster with new a hydra or a kraken or anything... 2: adding attacks to creatures,like making a wrestler and adding attacks to him like punching,kicking,and slamming, and how do you attack,is to tap the attack button (make a new attack button) and he will attack a random attack of those attacks. Note: you can change the chance for the attacks, like when you tap attack button,there is a 50% chance to punch,40% chance to kick,10% chance to pick him up and then slam. 3:the ability to create new biomes, you set everything,what the ground is made from,what monsters spawn there and what is the chance for them to spawn,what is the chance for the biome itself to spawn... 4:more settings to blocks,you should make how hard the block is, like if make it 50 than you will have to hit it 50 times with normal pick axe, but if you make a stronger pick that does 2 damage per hit, then you will have to hit it 25 times. And make how much it makes you slide,and how fast are you when stepping on it,like it can be a speedy block that makes you faster when walking on it, or a sticky web that makes you slower when walking on it. 5:crafting! You can edit the recipe of the items in its settings And please fix some bugs when holding something in your hand then dropping it you player still acts like he is holding the item...

Good Game

The game is very good comparing to Mojang's Minecraft. It allows one to create actors, vehicles, and various blocks, and they can make great mini games, even for survival. Looking forward seeing more features. Keep it up! :)

When is the new update

When is the new update? Will it have airplanes by any chance

0 star
Fire sims


Lots of work needed

The update is awesome but with enemies holding items is SUPER laggy when i made a machine gun enemy no damage. A few seconds after so much health lost. Also still needs eatable foods and maybe healing liquid (its pink and heals whatever steps in it)


Change the music at the menu cuz its so freaky

On a positive note...
Scat Pack

Great update. This block builder has a lot going for it. The editor is key, similar games have nowhere near the editing power. So instead of bad reviews, constructive criticism is all that's needed. Be careful what you ask for when rating a game with one star. Keep up the good work dev. I like the vehicles.