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Princess Kids Puzzle Games and Photo Frames for Girls

Princess Kids Games & Frames is a fun learning interactive game for toddlers of all ages.
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Princess Kids Games & Frames is an awesome game play for little girls who love classic and modern fairytales of prince and princess like Cinderella, Belle, Snow, living in a palace, falling in love, finding their happy ending. It is a fun interactive activity princess themed puzzle games with camera app, designed to play for all ages. Your kids will enjoy the interactive animated sound flashcards, various cool set of memory games and awesome spooky creature themed puzzles. Using princess mobile suit camera app, capture your little one’s photo face hole in and instantly frame up memorable photos with beautiful princess frames. Save your photos in personal princess photo album gallery. Personalize with colorful stickers such as pink palace or castle, tiara, glass slipper and many more. You can picshare your photos with friends and family as ecards or simply save as wallpaper.

When you download this free Princess Games and Photo Frames for girls, you will get:
Talking Interactive Princess Flashcards
Let us hear what the princess has to say to you. Simply tap on the icon. Not only you will see a cool animated picture, you will hear the sound effect and the word on the interactive flashcard when you tap on the finger icon. This is suitable for all ages.
Princess Characters and Labels Matching Games
Fun continues with fairytale princess games for toddlers free. We have 4 sets of matching themed games. These interesting hidden objects behind the flip cards. It will keep your child interested and focused. These match games will help keep memory skill active.
Princess Story Themed Puzzle Games
This engaging puzzle games for children age 4 and up has 6 different cool puzzles to solve with no time limit so you kids can concentrate while playing. It will help them with problem solving skill. Tap “Randomized” to shuffle the puzzle pieces and if your child wants to shuffle again, simple tap randomized again. These engaging puzzles will help promote fine motor skills, reasoning and concept development and early math skills. It also double up as flashcards with word in puzzle.

Princess Mobile Suit Photo Booth and Stickers
Snap a photo using straight from this princess camera app, your kid can immediately frame up your photos with various pink princess themed photo frames. Save the photos in your very own photo gallery HD. Personalize your photos by adding princess stickers like palace, tiara, crown, glass slipper, magic mirror, wand and many more. Share via social media, send as ecards or set as mobile wallpaper.
There you have it. All fun games and fun with Princess Games and Photo Frames for girls. Go ahead and download the app. It will keep your toddlers entertained for hours.


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