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Guess The Star Characters - 4 pics 1 word

Guess the characters for your favourite movie!!!
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Guess The Star Characters - 4 pic 1 word is a puzzle game to are you an ultimate movie blockbuster fan by guessing all the star characters movie quiz.

Use Hint to help you with your answers. The more you solve, the more coins you will earn. Coins earned can then be redeem for hints on difficult questions, expose a letter or even eliminate a letter.

So what are you waiting for? Join in the phenomenal movie of all time and play this addictive movie trivia puzzle quiz game!



When you get to Han Solo it wants 4 letters in his first name instead of 3. Be prepared to be stuck and forced to buy coins for hints. Don't waste your time with this.

Hot gabage


Don't waste your time

Numerous misspelled names and stupid variations of names emperor palpatine is just "the emperor" that one I can understand but I have no idea what it is for queen Amidala don't waste your time time with this broken game


If you're going to make a spelling game, at least make sure you're spelling the characters correctly. #6 is Han Solo not Hans Solo

Not the right names
Star Wars know it all

This Star Wars app does not have the right names for the characters and does not give you the right letters. They had letters that does not even make names. So I give it 1 star

Waste of time

It is Han Solo not Hans Solo... Pointless app and horrible.

Worst app ever

They spell Darth Vator darth vabor and won't let me go to the next level

Bad app
Starwars :)

It will not even let me type D for Darth was disappointing. :(