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Pool Master - Show Dolphin Speed

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Games Free Henk van der Zee iPhone, iPad, iPod

'This Game Is Great! You Surely Going To Love This Game!'
'Two Thumbs-up For This Game! Super Duper Fun!'
'I Love The Simplicity Of This Game, Everybody Is Downloading This!'
'I Can Make The Character Swim Faster Than The Speed Boat, Can You?'

Pool Master is one of the most challenging games there is! This simple game is so fun and entertaining, you can't stop playing, so make sure you eat a full mean before playing this. Like all sports game, the goal is to win the race. To win this games, everything depends on how fast you can click the hand print on the screen. This sounds simple, but it won't be easy, I'm telling ya! Through online you can check how you are doing compared to your friends, and the rest of the world.

The game play is really cool and keeps many people happy any time of day. The constant threat of loosing, can be unbearable! See how your friends perform online and try to beat them! JOIN THE POOL MASTER COMMUNITY TODAY!

- Swim as fast as you can to win the game!
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super awesome graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven me concept
- Unlimited attempts to break your record
- Great sound effects and music
- Turn on/off music and sound effects
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
- Available on iPhone and iPad


Amazing game

I love this game so much the character that you play with he is so epic and cool. Once you start up the app you see a stellar loading screen, then it hits you, the main menu, you are greeted with the protagonist, pool man, with a smiling face. This really drives home how much of a great time you are going to have. Now I haven’t even gotten into the meat of this game, you start in a pool racing against a few other swimmers. This game has so much replay ability so you can have a fun time every single time. Thank you for reading this review I highly suggest getting this game.

stop crashing

ok Aunt Sheri


Sooooo stupid awful just awful u move soon slow it is so stupid I will rate only 1 star absolutely wratched hated it sooo much I never want to see this stupid game ever AGAIN!!! And I mean it NEVER!!! Just soo awful whoever made this game needs to fix it a lot of this game like upgrade it a lot there I said what I needed to say Again it was soooooooo stupid

Crash :(
Jason Simpson

The game crashed as soon as I opened it.