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Point the picture! For babies

700 beautiful examples and countless picture combinations will allow your child to check their vocabulary. The game will ask them to find the right word for the picture. Choose your answer from 2 or 4 pictures! 100 pictures are available in the LITE version.
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Education Free Anastasiya Zhemilevna Averina iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pleasant voiceover will accompany every choice your child makes. Guess words within 7 interesting topics or between different topics! AUTO or MANUAL settings depending on your child's preference.

What are we learning?
1. FIRST VERBS: to jump, to sleep, to drink, to hug, etc. (LITE version)
2. BABY ANIMALS: piglet, foal, tiger cub, chick, etc.
3. PERSONAL HYGIENE: hair comb, to take a bath, towel, neat, etc.
4. KITCHEN: juicer, cup, spoon, dinner, etc.
5. TRANSPORTATION: ship, plane, motorcycle, subway, etc.
6. PROFESSIONS: cook, pilot, manager, farmer, etc.
7. COLORS: purple, red, light green, black-and-white, etc.
8. QUESTION MARK – a countless number of combinations between various topics.

6 LANGUAGES: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian



для племяшки в самый раз!

My Daughter Loves This!

We are researching kids games for our game called Quiz Hero, and this game caught my eye. I have a three year old daughter that just won't put this down! She says "Daddy let me do the pitures"

great app

This is a useful application. it helps kids closer contact with the world outside safely. It trained them to memory, creative thinking while playing. Funny pictures with my kids enjoyed and fun when we play together, but I do not need reminding. Thank you!


This is a pretty cool app for kids. It has a relatively high education, I am very excited about this. And strongly support your application.

Good application

So useful application. We can make and share all our children's photos. These are unforgetable time for all of us. This application will meet all our demands for the difficult taks. Thank for the developer. Try it anyone

Good App
Francis THINH

A good application. This application can be good for the baby growing up to practice thinking and practice experience !

nice app

application is very interesting and exciting. I enjoyed it. try to develop it further


wooow it's fantastic app, this is my favorite app I will use it every day every where and every time

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