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Pocket: Save. Read. Grow is free iOS app published by Read It Later, Inc

Drag & Drop please


I’d like to be able to use Pocket in split screen mode on iPad, and to be able to drag and drop articles into Notes, Bear, etc

Update: Still Waiting on Fix


It’s been an official month since Pocket started these updates and still have not resolved the issues that persist. For the iPad, if you rotate the iPad while listening to an article or close the app (WTH?) then the listen feature closes. I am a long time user, I’ve used this app since its inception. How do you regress in development? I am not only offended that a month later they have not resolved the issues (2) but I’m also offended that they refuse to respond to my emails. Makes me believe that they have taken to creating this error to force you to purchase premium features. What a sad day for Pocket and for its users.

Subway rider's dream app


Edit: new version is crashing so much! Please fix the app I love! It's a pleasure to have all the articles that interest me all ready to go in reader mode when I'm in the subway. Wifi is spotty down there. And I can add to Pocket from my desktop, too. Perfect for me.

What happened

hairy uggle

I'm not entirely sure if it's because I'm using an older ipad, but the recent updates have made reading frustrating. Saved articles no longer display properly, having weird bits of code instead of punctuation. Previously saved articles that have since been deleted from the web have also been lost (though they're still saved on my phone as long as I don't sync it with my ipad). There's also a loss in functionality - the scrollbar no longer works and I have to manually flick to a section, and there is no longer an option to dim the brightness settings. As the app has been reliable for years, I assume this recent downturn is due to some clueless staff who keep messing around with what doesn't need fixing.

Latest version not working with iPhone X


Hard to log in, articles won't sync. Most I get a spinning refresh screen. Running iOS 11.1. Works fine on my iPad Pro running the 11.2 public beta (although the auto dark mode seems buggy)

Bad Updates


I love this app and been promoting it to many of my friends. The last two updates are a disaster. I can’t open articles that I’ve saved, it doesn’t load properly, it crashes for no known reason. I’m running a 6s phone with the 11.1 system. This is very troubling.

Doesn’t seem to work on iPhone X


Ever since getting new phone, app opens and can see articles on home screen but when clicking on articles they just seem to be in loading mode forever and never load. Needs to be fixed!

iPhone X support / another bug?

Squiggle line

Hi this is the first review I have ever done for an app ever since the iPhone 4. There is a bug I noticed with your app that might be only affecting IPhone X (also you don’t support the format of it yet) regarding logging in. I recently got an error that I’ve never had with pocket before that is not allowing me to save items to pocket. It’s telling me to log out and log back in. I logged out but could not log back in, it is saying its logging in, but then takes over 30 to 50 seconds of me waiting for anything to happen. it fails to login with my username and password that are saved on my device from the last time I logged in. Please fix this. I want to keep using this app instead of having to delete it for more room on my device. Thanks !

Doesn’t work now.


LOL $45 a year for a bookmarking service and they can’t keep the app compatible with new phone releases (doesn’t work on iPhone X). You had one job developers.

Crashes,just paid for a subscription.


Extremely disappointed a 5.00 waste.no bug fixes no updates.im running it on iPhone 7s 256gb.i deserve some answers