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Download Playlist-Creator PRO: The Ultimate Running, Driving, Workout, Dance, Party, and Relaxing Music Organizer!

Playlist-Creator PRO: The Ultimate Running, Driving, Workout, Dance, Party, and Relaxing Music Organizer!

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Compile all your favorite songs into a playlist with only a few taps. Playlist-Creator turns your device into a quick and easy music organizer with no limits.


We hope you enjoy, and please tell your friends about this must have app for people on the go or anyone who just loves music.

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Does what they say it does!
Dimon Music Co.

It's a great app but…. 5 stars if I could Place my videos in a playlist also.

What. The. Crap.

At first it was great. Really, really, great. 5 stars. Now.... WHEN I CLICK ON ANY PLAYLIST.... IT ERASES EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SONGS ON THE PLAYLIST. and now I have 3 blank playlists. One of which was my favorites. I had about 20... and now I have 17. And I can't use ANY OF THEM. FIX IT!

Piece of crap.

Erases all of my playlists that I created every other time I open the app. Waste of time and money.

Fix it!!!

You can make playlists and delete from previously made ones but you can't add new songs to previously made playlists!!! fix it!!!

Great App
Lil' Romeo

This app is exactly what I was looking for. It does everything it says it does and seems very reliable. Not a single one of my playlists have been deleted since the people who develop "Playlist" changed how they were stored in the last update. My only suggestion is to make a feature that allows one to save the playlist to the iPod's built in music list, if that is within the programming restrictions that Apple gives to app developers.

You Must Have this application!

I don't know why iPhone doesn't have an on-board way to create playlists. I'd expect somthing like this to be a standard default installed program. Good job picking up the ball!

Amazingly awesome

Love this but I wish it had a way to import the playlists we made in the light version and maybe a preview button for the songs because when you have so many songs you forget what each sounds like sometimes..but other than that it's really cheap and sooo worth it :)


This is the single greatest app of all time I used to always have to use the computer and now it's like a completely real mini iTunes in My pocket! Buy it you will absolutley love it is is Completly worth any cost!!!! Buy it! Now...!

Good app but needs folders!!

Simple to create playlists which is a bonus, but what I need is to organize the playlists - like iTunes does with folders. Add that and you'll get a fifth star from me.

perfect till 4.0 comes out...

this app is what the iPhone needed... till 4.0 comes out which will have create playlist on the iPod.. 10 stars for this app 

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