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Diggy Gold Miner - Underground Treasure Claw Grabber

Use the crane to grab the gold nuggets..
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Fun, exciting, and easy to play
Great graphics and sound

Simple and addicting, enjoy hours of fun.


Fun game

Nice smooth graphics with very cute characters. The only issue I see is that when the pop up ads come up, it doesn't stop your timer. I think most people then would click out of the ad as soon as possible thus defeating the purpose of the ad.

Haha got him

There is no instructions how to play

Lovely game to wast time .

Nice game

Gold miner

Stress reliever and fun game


Fun game but seems repetitive so far. Only played 4 levels though. Seem clever and straightforward.

Diggy miner


Flappy is back :) XD

It is horrible

Good game

Great game get it now?

Do not waste your time

This game is terrible. It is littered with advertisements which always mess up the game by either killing you time or popping up right when you click the screen and then taking you to the App Store. As soon as you navigate back to the game another advertisement pops up EVERYTIME the app is opened; even if it is in the background. In my experience, I paid the $2.99 to remove the ads but they still kept popping up. I had to keep my settings to allow in app purchases so that I could keep restoring purchases to try and get rid of the ads; that still didn't work. I had to request a refund from Apple. There are too many other games out there similar to this one to deal with all the headaches.

Too many pop up ads

This game could be fun. But every level, sometimes more then once a level, an ad pops up and interrupts the game. Not a fan.

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