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Discover Piffle a cute arcade puzzle game full of adorable characters and...cats!
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Games Free Hipster Whale Pty Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Put your cat onesie on, quest through colorful worlds, stop the nefarious Doc Block and craft adorable Piffle balls to collect.

How to play?
- Swipe or point with your finger to aim
- Choose the best possible angle to shoot
- Release to bounce around and break all the blocks

How to win?
- Bounce as many times as possible to make combos and achieve high scores
- Collect items, Piffle balls and use power ups to boost your results
- Use your strategic wit to beat your friends!

Why you’ll love Piffle?
- Play for free in the most endearing and colorful mobile game
- Discover fun filled worlds with hundreds of levels to adventure through
- Play whenever you want and at your own pace
- Challenge your friends at any time

Anything else?
- Yes! You can craft and collect adorable fluffy Piffle balls


i love this game!

ive avidly played this game for the past year or so. while my addiction to this game wanes and waxes, at least once a week i set time aside to play. words cannot explain my deep dedication and value for this game. after reading some of the reviews, ive gathered that people experience a few problems: 1 that they dont enjoy using “cheats,” or the free power-ups which they offer. 2 that they believe that they MUST use the recommended power-ups or its simply impossible to move forward, and 3 that they dont enjoy how completely clearing the space drops down 3 new rows of blocks. to which i must say, that is just part of the game. the game GIVES you free power-ups and such to use at will. i only started using mine at about level 320, and i still rarely use them. if you are struggling to move forward in this game it is simply because you need to get better at it. piffle has a great amount of love from me, and i’ll probably continue playing it until ive cleared every level at least once.






I love it ? it’s the best game but it has its difficulty like lvl 150 I like can not beat it ;-; but I will keep trying and hope that I will win ??


So cute!

So cute So fun
Nice game needs nice rewveiws

I’m always trying to find a game that I would love I tried so many but I finally found it!!!Drumroll please dum dum dum PIFFLE!I love it so much I’m like addicted to it!


this game is very addictive and i beat all the levels


I’ve been LOVING this game since like 2019! I just think the daily challenges are a little hard and I JUST CANNOT BEAT THE LEVEL I’M ON!!! ): ( I’ve never seen any game that the creators respond to the reviews so i’m surprised) (also, I’m not good at writing long reviews) the hard thing about this is those goop blocks and armored blocks are literally how i lose EVERY TIME !!! I spend like all my time drawing the worlds ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


The teleporter blocks totally destroy the game and makes beating levels with them almost totally RNG based at some points. They need nerfed

lp triple star

Make toys,shows,MORE GAMES I LOVE piffle make more please respond to this and take my advice PLEASE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!