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Crossy Road Castle

Bring your friends and see how far you can get in this endless spinning tower of arcade fun!
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Games Hipster Whale Pty Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Keep climbing as high as you can. Every run is different.


Play Together: Designed for cooperative arcade platforming chaos. You can also play solo, but everything’s more fun with friends, right?

Connect Easily: Connect all players on a single device with game controllers, or connect together across multiple devices (or any mix that suits you).

Collect Everything: Unlock Crossy Chicken and friends. Dress up in silly hats.

Find New Stuff: With procedurally generated levels and variations, your tower run will be different every time!

Defeat an Oversized Angry Eagle: Why is it so angry?!

Play Offline: No internet? No worries. Fully enjoyable offline.

Get New Content: New Towers and Characters coming regularly!


Cool Game

This game is cool but a little easy. But other than that I like it!

Fun but the multiplayer system should change

Me and my friends love this game, But we can’t play together since we can’t play since it requires everyone to have different Apple Arcade accounts to work it should just be that anyone on the WiFi should be able to. Also one of the new towers should be in space and have aliens as enemy’s.

This is an amazing game.
update the gane

But the updates are very slow, every five months we get a new update

Needs checkpoints

Game is lots of fun but needs checkpoints so you don’t have to waste a lot of time on easy levels.

Favorite Apple Arcade game!
Potterhead 🧙🏻‍♀️

I’ve edited my review— now multiplayer is amazing too! You can play with your friends, people near you, and online. It’s super quick to find an online match, and it’s really fun to play with other people, since it’s much harder to lose and much easier to get high scores and lots of coins & tokens. I can’t find anything to complain about with this amazing game now! If you have Apple Arcade, be sure to download this game!!!

I love this app!!!

I loved it so much but to hard

A lot of fun!

Crossy Castle is sooo much fun. You can play with friends family the levels are really cool and unique and you can get new characters and hats. The new update is really fun, but I think it’s a little to hard because I could get to level thirty playing in the castle, but it the new update I can only get up to level 15. Maybe you could have players choose their difficulty levels. Overall an amazing game!!

New towers

I like Crossy castle, but I’ve gotten bored with the two towers. Two more new tower ideas could be a haunted house, and a killer robot factory. The boss of the haunted house would be a giant ghost. You would fight it on a trail of ectoplasm, which makes you bounce. It would try grab you and eat you with ghostly tentacles, and try to blow you away into spikes. You would deal damage to it by bouncing onto super ectoplasm that bounces you onto a platform that drops you on to the ghosts head. Repeat three times. The boss of the killer robot factory would be a giant robot. You have to follow him with robo-skates. He would try to shoot lasers at you and smash you with a robot hammer. You have to push a button to trigger an EMP. Repeat three times.

Updates are slow, but fun!

Now I understand some game devs.. like HIPSTER WHALE, take a bit to make updates. But I’m not impressed. The Updates are getting to be to slow, to slow in fact, I have deleted it for the 2nd time.. when an update comes I’ll re-download. Now, I will admit, I didn’t like the 1st CROSSY road. This game tho is pretty good. And I WILL RECOMMEND to people who have Apple Arcade. -Keep it Up!

sock emoji

The amount of castles makes the game less fun, the fact that every character you get per castle looks the same is also stupid