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Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

New match 3 puzzle game from King, from the makers of the latest hit Candy Crush Friends Saga.
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Games Free Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Challenge your matching skills and solve unique puzzles to save cute pets from danger. Embark on this endearing adventure with Fern the Fox, and unlock pets of all shapes and sizes along the way.

Tap blocks of the same color and craft powerful boosters to rescue the pets and bring them home to safety.

Saved pets are kept safe in the Pet Home. Don't forget to visit them for free in-game gifts!

With so many adorable pets to collect and a huge variety of exciting challenges, this is the perfect puzzle game to rescue you from boredom and keep you entertained!

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga features:
• Over 30 cute pets to collect (including popular pets such as cats, dogs, and more exotic animals like pandas & sloths)
• Hundreds of challenging puzzles
• Rewarding gameplay in vertical & horizontal scrolling levels
• Tap blocks of the same color to blast them away and rescue the animals
• Match 6+ blocks to create powerful boosters to help you blast through levels
• Claim free boosters in the Pet Home, and take care of your pets for free lives!
• Visit the Pet Home to accessorize your rescued pets!
• Fun new game modes:
- Diverse rescue missions including 'climb the vine', 'hatch the eggs' & flooded anti-gravity levels
- Remove the blocks & plants, break the ice & crates, and pop the bubbles to win!
• Leaderboards to compete with your friends and competitors high scores
• It's easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

Visit if you need help!

Have fun playing Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga!


Fun and cute

A nice change from Candy 🍭 Crush. I like the tending to the pets to get extra life’s! Nice treat.

Glitch on lv 165

On lv 165 you need a red block to beat the lv and not one red block appears and I played the lv 10 times in a row.....fix this

Not a fane if your new versionπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

I just got the game I loved it played it in the morning. Then in the afternoon I got on and you changed it. I like that you got ride of the bugs. But the new version is not as fun how do you even see how to feed and take care of the pets. Please change it back. Or make something similar to the home part. It is a fun game though!

Pet Rescue
ms tight

The game is a lot of fun!

Pet shop

Very cute fun game.

Bring back the map

I loved this new King game. I made it through all the levels last week and was going through and replaying all to get 3 stars. The old map is now gone and I can no longer replay older levels except a “random” button. Why? This guarantees I won’t be playing the game anymore every time I run out of levels.

Where are the cute maps and the rooms?!?

I was really enjoying this game for the most part but now with the update... the map is gone for each new set of levels and you can’t see your animals in their rooms anymore! Bring that back... it was good seeing them and adding new rooms, interacting with them, etc! Now the map is simple and boring and from what I can tell, you can’t go back to previous levels :( I was liking seeing what the next world would look like! Now as previously mentioned, it’s a simple screen... I do like the book where you can see all the animals collected but that should’ve been an addition not a replacement of the home screen where you got to interact with the animals! I’m quite upset and might not continue playing because of these changes! :(

The newest update

There was a new update on this game a few weeks ago but it only changed on an android phone not the iPhone can someone tell me why it didn’t change on the iPhone I love this game it’s the main one I play now

Great until last update
Annoyed in nc

The last update not only took away the cute house for the animals, but the game is messed up. You can’t get extra lives and I’ve been playing the same level for a week. Not because I lack the skill to beat it but you have to get 200 red blocks and it’s not giving me ANY red blocks


I really like this game but I want to add my Facebook friends and I can’t figure out if u can or not

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