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!nShelf is a mobile application that can be downloaded from the relevant mobile app stores to be used by Nestlé Employees or their friends and family when they are food shopping at stores selling Nestlé products. It can also be used for market paid audits.
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Business Free Nestec S.A. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The primary purpose of the mobile app is for the end user to capture the ‘On Shelf Availability’ (OSA) and ‘Freshness’ (OSF) data (expiry date or batch #) of pre-determined Nestlé products for those customers e.g. Tesco, Carrefour, Walmart, Migros.

In return for capturing this data, the end user is rewarded with points that the corresponding Nestlé market/business can convert into tangible gifts. The reward scheme would be market specific with direction and support provided by Nestlé HQ on the type of investments that a market could implement.

The captured data is visible in a dashboard that is refreshed daily by Nestlé Business Services (NBS). It is intended to be used by Nestlé Customer Facing Supply Chain Managers in a market to improve OSA and OSF.

This crowdsourcing approach to operational data gathering is intended to provide visibility to the Nestlé Supply Chain and internal partners/ stakeholders of the availability of our products on the store shelf. Also it will bring our employees closer to our brands and operations.


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