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Download the all-new Petfinder app for iPhone and search more than 370,000 pets from 14,000 adoption groups! Find your perfect pet and share profiles via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail! Flag your favorite pets and leave notes for future review, read heartwarming adoption stories, and more.
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On the Petfinder app you can:
- Browse adoptable pets in your area or nationwide
- Search pets by breed, age, gender, and size
- Swipe and select pet photos to view in more detail
- View complete pet information and descriptions
- “Favorite” adoptable pets so you can find them again
- Add notes and comments to your favorite pet profiles
- Share pets with your friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter
- Get directions, call or e-mail the shelter or rescue that has your perfect pet
- Search for shelters and rescue groups near you and see each group’s adoptable pets
- Learn more about your next pet with our dog and cat breed guides
- Read touching Happy Tail adoption stories

◆ Help make Petfinder great! It's important to us that the Petfinder app work how you need it, when you need it, but we need your help tracking down any bugs. If you experience a problem with the app, please contact App Support at This will help us get the information we need to fix any problems ASAP. Thank you!


Misses the mark

I want to love this app because I use it often but it’s a very frustrating app. It always freezes and crashes for some unknown reason. It keeps EVERY ONE of my searches yet I can’t save the ones I actually need and you can’t tell which search has your exact criteria until you run it and look at the filters. It also asks you to select for your ideal pet but then doesn’t let you put in the location so I get over 100,000 pets come up on my “best match”. Also, often there’s no where to click on the actual rescue’s website. They tell you to fill out the application but the hyperlink is not there and it actually doesn’t let you highlight and paste the text so I have to actually recall the site and type it in by hand. I’m not sure why these issues are here they seem obvious but maybe no one reports them?

Constantly crashes
West Chester, OH

This app constantly crashes after scrolling through cats for just a few seconds. The app is up-to-date on my phone, and I have an iPhone 8 with the maximum storage capacity. I can’t get anywhere with this app; it’s so frustrating. I read reviews that go back over a year with this issue. Why hasn’t this been resolved?!? It’s obviously not just me

AWSOME way to help shelters and look for pets!

This is hands down amazing. I LOVE looking at the pets! (Which by the way is super user friendly) I would recommend this app to ANYONE who wants to help, adopt, or just look at cute pets! Have a good day! ?

Love the idea, but too glitchy

This app crashes in 30 sec of opening it. the screen freezes or goes black and takes me back to my home page. Concept and design are great, but it’s just not usable.

This app is awful

Constantly crashes no matter what you do. No matter what search size I use pet finder always the last hour it has crashed 13 times.... and since there’s no pages to choose your starting point it crashes by the time I get to the pet I left off on

Can’t share pets

The app hasn’t yet crashed for me (which seems to be a common enough occurrence for others), but I don’t actually have the ability to share pets from the app, making it impossible to send info about a pet to anyone else! Every time I click on “Share pet,” absolutely nothing happens, and I don’t see any kind of menu pop up as I’d expect to be able to choose how to share a direct link to a pet.


its good

a few bugs

anytime i’ll try to click “My ideal pet” it closes out the app. Also keeps logging me out. Even if I have a good connection, most pictures won’t load or they take FOREVER to load. other than that pretty decent app.

Love it honestly.

I like this app it shows all the dogs and cats around me I wish it showed rodents and birds and turtles to but it sadly doesn’t. I don’t use instagram I scroll looking at pets to adopt near me.

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