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Notepad. Download free application. It is very useful and practical. It is the essential application that you must have in your ipad or your iphone. Perfect to use when an idea occurs to you when you want to remember something, to create a shopping list, to make a drawing, a note about your work, a sketch or a doodle. Create your own Notepad. He writes, draws, paints on this design we have created so write down everything you can think of and never forget you nothing. You can draw, color and paint by choosing different strokes (of finer tip to thicker) and choose among a wide range of pens. Surprise a friend, your girlfriend or your boyfriend, your partner, a coworker or you want to who by sending one of these as a message, such as an "I love you", a doodle, or to ask someone a message by way of annotation, as for example the shopping list. Children from three years old who go to school or preschool to make your drawings or scribbles that may share or print and thus decorate any corner of the House can also be used. It is more than a book coloring, will love to draw their favorite characters or drawings that most like to do.
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This is an ok app it does the basic stuff

No delete bottom

There’s no delete button, app can be useful but there’s no delete button and makes the app annoying. Just make a delete button and you will get 5 stars.

No option to type

Downloaded this hoping to type in different colors but it only lets you hand-write with your fingers. Seems like a good app if that's what you're looking for. I think it would be better if you could type as well as draw.

Was working for awhile.......

I like to jot notes w my finger. That seems to work fine. It has no way to sync devices though bc there's no settings screen. And the delete note button just stopped working. What gives? I would buy it if it consistently worked.

Ink Pad
My 3 Labs In Maine

App seems good but the only way to delete a note is by using the eraser and then you only delete what was written and not the actual blank note page. It would be great to have a delete button for deleting the whole note and page at once. On second thought I want my money back! Sometimes the note I wrote moves to an area under selection keys and so I can't even erase that part. Please fix these things and then you might have s good app!!!!!

Where is the delete button

It's nice that you can forward to note pad but I don't want to do that all the time and I want to get rid of some notes. App needs some work to get 5 starts.

Very poor app

Please don’t waste your money. You cannot delete any notes that you create. Very poorly designed app. Trying to get a refund from Apple now.


I would have given this five stars because it seemed like just the perfect thing I was looking for to jot down notes. However, after I paid the 1.99 to get rid of the ads, It would not bring me back to the app, even after I kept pressing the "restore" button. So, it's pretty useless. I want my money back!!

Ridiculous amount of adds

Not so much the adds it's their liberal use of my limited bandwidth that annoys me so much. If they had a little bit more respect for that. I might not have deleted the program right away without evaluating it.


I love the concept behind the app...BUT...Somehow it got setup with the Spanish Language & I Speak English...I have tried & tried to change it...BUT... I can not find the option for this...SO I can not give it a better rating..,

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