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Surprise your contacts and create your own personalized emoji or avatar of yourself and create your caricature. If yours is not drawing and you have never been good cartoons, now you can design your face and create your profile for your social networks. Create an expressive avatar as a caricature and choose from a collection of stickers in which you or a friend or family member is the protagonist. If you like emoticons or emojis, this app will charm you.
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With these games create your own avatar you can create an avatar that looks like you! Or, create celebrities or celebrities, friends, family members, superheroes etc ... You can make anyone even create your own hero! Choose from various types of face, skin color, nose, eyes, lips. Apply the makeup that matches your style. Select a hairstyle to complete the look: long hair, short cuts, curly or straight hair
Find the state that defines you in every moment, from the most loving or romantic to the most fun or funny. Creating custom avatars is very simple:
• Choose between boy or girl, you can also create your avatar for children.
• Select from hundreds of templates and choose the style of hairstyle or color of hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, skin color or race, beard or mustache.
• Add text as love postcards, happy birthday, merry christmas .... Create your avatar and combine it with the message you prefer.
• Share emotions and your feelings with your contacts.
Create your avatar and combine it with a text


kuffy mc stuffy

I love it I've been sending them to all my friends and family and the just love the way I made her thank for all the fun?


I love this app it allows creativity and more I like it because you can design your own avatar and send it to your friends with many many backgrounds so I say you should totally get it❤️❤️❤️

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
The Creative Woman.

I love how you can make thousands of different people! If you have extra time on your hands you should totally get it! I’m not saying that It takes a long time to make one, but you get really git into it and the next thing you know is that its a hour later! It’s a GREAT time passer when you want time to go faster!!! And it is exactly like the adds!!! AND THE BEST THING IS THAT IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WITHOUT A DOUBT COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Dear people who made this.
game reviewer 3638172)282

So what i have seen is that i created a character. Hmm what if i have freckles or a beard. There is no facial details. AND EXPECIALLY THAT IT SAYS A CURSE WORD WHEN IT IS RATED 4+.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I rate this 1000+

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