mReceipt Lite - The Receipt App Reviews

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mReceipt Lite - The Receipt App is paid iOS app published by Sven Böhnisch und Christian Baresch

Very limited


This app is not worth .99. Extremely limited and with no in app purchase option if you dare you can upgrade to the "pro" version for 4.99, effectively making the App 5.98. Big drawbacks are data fields are limited and allow for very little information. First letter of names etc does not auto capitalize, you can't preview the receipt before sending, etc.

So far so good


Does what i need it to do.



Great app! This will save me a ton of time and money with how easy they make it. I recommend this app to anyone that uses a receipt book. It's a must have.

Needs tweaking. Not all features avail.


The lite version does not allow you to upload your logo. For that you have to upgrade to the plus version. The default message for the outgoing e-mail with the receipt attached is poorly written (missing caps, punctuation, etc) and it does not allow you to customize this message for your business. Also, the logo and information of the app's developers are added to the e-mail and receipt. For a paid app, this needs improvement.

Love this app

Lady long leggs

Its nice to produce receipts on the spot and email them out. App is pretty simple to operate. It does not allow you to make changes to receipts once produce. this is the only downfall. I guess in the full version you may have that option. But it is a very useful app.

Great app


Great app! Easy and powerful!

Can't write notes


I think it is ok. Other one is better , Can't write notes. Maybe I should pay for plus one. Well, what can you do with 99 cents!!



Can't even put your company name on receipt in lite

Mediocre app not worth $.99


Not very user friendly app. I wish I hadn't spent $.99 on it. It would be easier to use a paper receipt book. When I went to type in the Address: field, my keyboard completely blocked the view of what I was trying to type. Too frustrating to use. I will try a different product.

Save a buck

Chuck the Mann

Email feature works on occasion, not good when it doesn't and erases last receipt