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mReceipt Lite - The Receipt App is paid iOS app published by Sven Böhnisch und Christian Baresch

Not refined. With problems


Yes you can make a receipt using this app. Suggestions for improvement: - fix the keyboard overlay on the area where text is going (can't see what I'm typing) - take off your branding in the bottom of each receipt (this is not a free app so no need for your pushy advertisement) - leave the filled out form from whom the receipt is generated. - allow to safe signature. - allow customization of outgoing emails. This is just to name a few.



Inflexible, uses comma instead of period for decimal separator can't change that in settings, can't write partial payments, can't make notes

5 Star Booo!


Save the buck use a piece of paper!

Doesn't send

Opium Symphony

When you choose to send the receipt, the app takes you to the home screen - won't send Waste of $0.99

Crap app


Downloaded, created a receipt. Can’t send it, can’t save it, can’t print it, can’t email it. After you create the receipt all you can do is look at it. Completely worthless!!

It’s a no for me


I don’t like it and I want my 99 cents back

Poor design


When trying to send the receipt it says my phone doesn’t support email functionality. This is because I don’t have the Apple mail app setup since I use the gmail app. Every other app in the world brings up all of the share options when you push the share button but not this one....

Decent for the price


it is decent for the price, definitely needs a description field, and a way to send through MMS.



Keep it simple sir ! I am looking for a very simple receipt app !!! *My name/company *Clients name company Date of service Amount Paid /or due Once completed Ability to either email or text message

Best App Ever!


Okay this app does everything you want it to from a signature to you numbering the receipts to entering the amount with or without taxes. Hey download it use it if you don’t like it deleted it but I doubt that you can resist the pleasures of this app!