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Move the Box is free iOS app published by Pavlo Shelyazhenko

Lost all progress


New owner should have found a way to keep users' progress in the game. I used to like this game, but not enough to do all those levels again. Deleted.


3rd leg from the sun

Iam at level 24 in Miami and I am 85% sure it's a unsolvable level. I ran out of hints so now I'm just stuck. Sorta ruined the game for me.

What happened??

I loved this game, and played all the time. The new update lost all my progress, and to be honest I'm really not fond of any of the new updates and features of the game. Lost its luster for me, I probably won't continue playing

Crap ap


Played for a long time, suddenly all progress lost. I could look for ways to recover what's gone but it was easier to just delete it. Which you shroud do.

What to do when stuck for some time???


The current version is my first experience with this game, so no process was lost. However, I am now stuck on Seattle level 12 and no more hints available. Kind of frustrating. Up until now, I was really enjoying the game though.

Over it!!


I love this game but when my progress got erased, I erased the whole game.

Simple fun

Al Roberg

A very old app that's ok to play IF you aren't listening to music. This app reduces the volume of your playback more than 30% and gives the music a vocally-muted sound quality (with the apps sound and sfx on off. WHO DOES THIS?!

Don't waste your time


Not fun.

Lol Don't Listen to the Negative Reviews


Do NOT lay attention to the salty people who lost their progress and/or are stuck and venting their frustrations with the game. I just beat this game, so rest assured, it's solvable. The whiners are simply quitters. Persevere enough and you'll also complete it.

Do not update

Tino JR

New ownership screwed up the game, you lose all progress. Mechanics and animation are different, not the same.