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Deluxe version benefits:
Category Price Seller Device
Games $0.99 Chinzilla, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

1) Start off with more cash
2) Start off with cool shades for your morph
3) No ads!

Discover the mystery of Morph Island. Begin your epic journey by choosing your pet and adventuring to find your missing father! Raise and collect cute monsters, battle your friends in realtime, and watch as your morph evolves based on how you train him!

• Raise your pet morph and watch him evolve and learn new attacks and abilities.
• Feed and clean your pet to make it loyal and love you.
• Battle your friends in REAL TIME PVP.
• Adventure to new parts of the island to find treasure and loot
• Play mini games to help your morph grow more powerful!
• Tons of morphs to discover and show off to your friends!
• Beautifully animated art so you can interact with your pet!

Morphs Requires at Least:
1) iPhone 3GS or better
2) iPod Touch 3rd Generation or better
3) iPad 1 or better


Spamming game
Another take

I give it 1 star because although the game is cool and my son loves it, last night my son clicked on a button In the game, then this morphs game went through ALL MY CONTACTS COLLECTING ALL EMAILS AND BULK EMAILING EVERYONE !!! My email account was suspended for spamming!!! What kind of coding us this? I uninstalled it as IT US UNSAFE TO LET YOUR KIDS PLAYING WITH IT. DEVELOPER MUST PUT A LOCK AND DO NOT ACCESS OUR PRIVATE CONTACTS !!! Beware of this program it will access your contacts !!!

Great game
Party druid

It is the best game every it is pokemon for your iPod awesome just great I love it so much just wish they would hurry up with cloud kingdom can't wait to beat it!!!!!!!!!!!

Train time

Well I absolutely love this game but it has a very irritating glitch where the training time will say wait 59 min right after you finish he training then after 58 min it will say "wait less than one min" for the next 13 minutes, no doubt 5 stars after that is fixed.

good game but your stat system is flawed

the stats feel like they are meaningless i have 79 def on my boomkin but e takes as much damage as my 1 def fire morph also the ticket prizes could be better or cheaper


It's a really fun game, but it crashes every two minutes or so.

Lola 1997

This app keeps crashing and it is highly stressful. It is a cute game and I love it, but that is the only thing preventing that 5th star. Also, the time delay between tokens and training should be shorter


Great game but make food and soap cheaper then you'd get a five star review from me


Fun game but update version please! It's getting glitchy and closes out a bit

Game is really dumb

This game should not even be worth .99 even if they say it is deluxe version and every second it asks you to buy something for money and for little kids they would buy something every second and soon have nothing to spend

Best Game Ever Made For IPod,Pad,AndPhone

My Title Said It All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!