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Morphs: Cloud Kingdom

Discover the mystery of Cloud Kingdom. Begin your epic journey by choosing your pet and adventuring to save the missing king! Raise and collect cute monsters, battle your friends in realtime, and watch as your morphs evolve based on how you train them!
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Games Free Chinzilla, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Raise your pet morph and watch him evolve and learn new attacks and abilities.
• Feed and clean your pet to make it loyal and love you.
• Battle your friends in REAL TIME PVP.
• Adventure to new parts of the kingdom to find treasure and loot
• Play mini games to help your morph grow more powerful!

Morphs Requires at Least:
1) iPhone 3GS or better
2) iPod Touch 3rd Generation or better
3) iPad 1 or better
4) Tons of morphs to discover and show off to your friends!
5) Beautifully animated art so you can interact with your pet!





I love this game if you like this game you should also get morphs there both awesome simple and addicting. Plus there's no adds. Me and my family love this game and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!?

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Awesome game!

I like this game a lot! One tip - I wish I could sell my items that I don't need! Also if there was a healing center on the paid version, I'd buy!

Better than plane old morphs!!

Get this app but not plane old morphs!! In plane old morphs I can't do much but in this app I can do much like geting a new morph and like geting to go to a new location.

I really like this game but...
Shopaholic 75

I wish it didn't take long for energy to refill. Also, it would b better if u could train morphs more frequently!

Morphs CK

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of fun
Periwinkle Puffin

I like this app but I prefer the "Morphs Adventure" (besides I only have 1 Morph on the cloud kingdom and I have 4 on the Adventure)

Marie Mendez Avilés

Yes! I allready evolution glidar into pandoom! And my morph is now that cat i want that lion lol

Its pretty good. Must add some stuff
Mew Crystal

Why do you have to buy potions its annoying. I don't have enough money for it! Also, how do we get other monsters instead of the starter? I dont understand anything. ?