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Drive your racing car with mental math and be the first to cross the finishing line. Sounds intriguing?
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It is!

Mindracer Math is a motivating way to practice mental math. Play alone to beat your highscores or together with a friend. The racing cars will move forward only if you provide the correct answer. There are three difficulty levels to choose from as well as a speed mode. You can post your fastest rounds on Twitter and Facebook.
Mindracer Math is great to keep your kids interested in math (or for yourself if you need to brush up your rusty math skills).

* Randomly generated equations
* Three difficulty levels
* Speed mode
* Single player and multiplayer
* Facebook and Twitter support



Great app!!!!!

Great Game!

i love the sounds, menus, style, and overall feel of the game. great 2 player mode greatly increases the replay value SUGGESTION: maybe tell us when we get a problem wrong because it wastes time to realize that the answer is wrong and then erase it.

Mind Numbingly Fun

Wow, I just tried out my first race and my brain is reeling in pain. I haven't tried doing rapid fire mathematics in a long long time and it's clear I really need the work out. I can't wait until I start getting faster and can move up to the higher difficulties! Multiplayer is great fun as it usually ends up being a fierce battle if the person is as good as you are or a laugh fest because of how bad you both are.

Charley H

It would be nice if each of the two players could have a different difficulty level. That way I could play more evenly with my kids. Fun educational app.



Best arithmetic app

I've been looking for a head-to-head arithmetic app to challenge my kids. I tried them all, and this one is the best. Really stellar. Add a handicap system so that two differently skilled players can compete (and the weaker one enjoy improving) and I'll give you a sixth star.

Great app

This is a must to have. Is super fun play it with a friend.


This app uses parenthesis many times that they're not needed

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