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Today To-Do Basic: Clever Task Management

Act without doing, manage without effort
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Today easily manages your tasks for the actual day, and today only! No extra buttons, no myriad of taps to add a simple todo - just turn your device 90° to add a new task. Start every day with a fresh new and empty view. You can access your old todos by sliding the sun to the left.

Who said todo management has to be boring?

Much thought has been poured into making Today not only easy to use and remarkable straight forward but also fun (in a non-crappy "yet another todo app" way). Today counters distraction and bloat with an intuitive interface making full use of the iPhone and iPod Touch controls. That's it, no frills - just an ingenious and beautiful interface.

* Quickly create todos by turning the device 90°
* Work faster with well-known control patterns (like swipe to delete)
* Start fresh every day with an empty view and access your past todos by dragging the sun to the left
* Easily move your unfinished past todos to the main screen with a simple touch

Upgrade to pro and boost your efficiency when you are ready. Search for "Today To-Do: Clever Task Management" in the App Store


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