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Mecca - This application will help to calculate Prayer time around the world by using GPS signal, and will help you find Qibla direction by using Compass sensor. Count down indicator will automatically appear when it is within 60 mins of Prayer time, and Qibla sensor will light up if you are facing the right direction. It allows you to add/remove individual Azan alarm for each Prayer time in your calendar.
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Utilities Free SamYan Company Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

+++ New in version 1.1 +++

Auto detect DST (Daylight saving time)
Auto remember last GPS position
Smoother Compass movement


Calculate Prayer time around the world
View 5 days of Prayer time
Count down indicator for each Prayer time
Automatically find Qibla direction
Vibration alert
Azan sound from Masjid al-Haram
Azan alarm setting from 0-30 mins


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