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Wallpaper for Lock Screen

This application creates wallpaper for your lock screen.You can choose our existing theme and
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also create your own theme.



When I got this I did question myself, “how could some people do that?” Well me and my friend were trying it out together. Placing our pictures into the spaces. I finished first. I followed the instructions and then the it told me to do it as my background. “Interesting” I thought. So I did it anyways and saw that it did in fact make it as my background. ?????? pls do not get!!!!!!! Waist of time!!!!


it would be ?good✨but it’s a waste of time! me and my friend thought it was interesting and it doesn’t even work it’s just your background! i thought it would be a good/cool app but it is ?? don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!???


I didn’t know how to make it sorry for 1 Star of 5 stars

It’s okay
Rosie Zhao

Well I just started and it’s not letting me save it I already went to settings and the app isn’t there so my keypad has to stay normal because I can’t get it to save ???? I was really hoping it would work!!!

Can I please contact the maker?

Works great...until you try to set them.it says to allow it to access something with the camera,but it did not ask you to

Not at all

The app is very bad because it wouldn’t say that I could transport it to my camera roll and it doesn’t make any sense to me

This app sucks??‍♀️
hello i rate you

This app is terrible if you want a picture of a lock screen go ahead but it’s not even like a lock you can’t enter in a password it is picture of pictures you choose and then you save it on your lock screen if you want a picture of your favorite people by a photo collage app. Just don’t buy this app it’s that crappy I gave it a rate if of 1 star.!!!


Sorry but it doesn’t work for me

It’s a wallpaper
So each

I actually love this app! Although it’s not a customizable lock screen button it sure looks like one. Everyone who looks at my phone thinks it is. So I can’t complain. ❤️ love the app. Not about to give this a bad review for download a “wallpaper” app ?

Doesn’t Work, I Don’t Recommended It.

I have iOS 11 & it wouldn’t work, I couldn’t find anything that would enable passcode wallpaper for my iPhone 7 settings and I searched everything on it.

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