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Finally a fun and highly entertaining way to practice math and exercise kids brains!
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Education $0.99 Galia Aviram iPhone, iPad, iPod

With increasingly challenging and highly addictive levels; some of the main features of this fun app include:

-EXTREMELY EASY TO USE: Perfect for everyone AND anyone!
To play simple choose the numbers to fill the arithmetic sentence and reach he right answer. Sounds easy? It isn't always so!

-INCREASINGLY CHALLENGING LEVELS: Learn AND practice math while having fun with different levels of difficulty:
*1-10 BEGINNERS: Simple arithmetic problems to practice basic operations. Perfect for kids up to 8 years old.
*11-20 ADVANCED: More complex problems with two or more operations to reach the final result. Ideal for kids 8-10 years old with more math experience and knowledge.
*21-30 EXPERTS: Perfect brain exercise for kids 10 and up (especially kids at heart!). Multiple and more complex math sentences to solve with puzzling answers to find!

-PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS: Only the highest quality! Get ready to be instantly transported away from reality!

-EXCELLENT WAY TO STAY HEALTHY: Brain exercise has been proven to improve mind and overall health. Why not try a fun way to stay young? Just a couple of minutes of math puzzles a day has been proven to make the brain more alert and stay younger!

Teachers, parents and especially students LOVE how easy and fun to use this app is! Here must be a reason why classrooms across the country are now using math apps to boost students math scores! Just give the device to your kid and let him be the judge! You will not want to go back to the days of math homework with a pencil in hand!


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