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Match And Paint - something as simple as a sheet of paper might get really sophisticated. This origami puzzle will give you full freedom of imagination in the creation process. Enjoy folding paper and fill the screen with your favorite color. Figure it all out in advance or just act using your intuition.
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HOW TO PLAY Match And Paint game:
Can you see the field patched up of cell of different colors? Your goal is to paint the field in one color in as few moves as possible. Choose your color. Touch the screen and swipe your finger in the chosen direction to paint the cells. Get the highest score and solve the puzzle.

Match And Paint features:
- Solve intricate puzzles;
- Simple control: touch and swipe;
- No time limits;
- Stylish origami design;
- Use both intuitive and logic approaches to solve puzzles.

Unfold, Match And Paint to solve one of the most elegant puzzles ever!


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