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Spider Flight 2 - Parkour Run

Dynamic and breakneck flights in the middle of a busy megapolis - that's the way you will live playing Spider Flight 2 - Parkour Run 3D.
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Spider Flight 2 - Parkour Run 3D is:
- Being in the shoes of a SUPERHERO
- Dizzy tricks and flights between SKYSCRAPERS
- CONTINUAL improvement of skills
- UNIQUE system of scores
- IMPROVED physics and surroundings

Spider Flight 2 - Parkour Run 3D KEY FEATURES:
- Third-person superhero simulator;

- Huge megapolis to conquer;

- Buildings of different height;

- Dizzy tricks and unique system of scoring.


Good game

Spider flight is an ok game. But there are numerous bugs. When you swipe it's not accurate. And if you die at the first challenge, it spawns you out of the map. And to many bugs

Do not download
Wat do u want?

Do not download. Waste of time

Knock-Off Spider-Man Unlimited

It's really slow compared to Spider-Man Unlimited. The suits are kind of cool, but that's all it has going for it.

Just terrible
Eian G

So slow and bad graphics it's just terrible I wish I could give it a negative five stars

Amazing (Not)
Cantina mad men studios

Ads keep popping up as I played and the graphics were some of the worst I have ever seen

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