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Lorex Ping 2

The newly redesigned Lorex Ping 2 allows you to view and access LNC100 and LNC200 series wireless IP cameras easily and intuitively from anywhere in the world.
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The Lorex Ping 2 app allows you to:

- Set up the camera on your local Wi-Fi network.
- View live video from your camera.
- Record video and snapshots directly to your mobile device and other optional storage.
- Play back video from your mobile device or from the camera¹s microSD card.
- Configure camera motion detection and other settings.
- Have multi-user access to view the same camera simultaneously.
- Turn on Privacy mode to ensure your privacy.


- Only applicable to iOS v6.0 and higher.


Login errors.
Nevixia TM

I set it up correctly and then after changing the default password, it says the new one is incorrect. Not even default works..


After reading all the negative reviews I will not update my software. In fact I’m using 2 generations back. Didn’t like the last update. Hope the company gets its act together!!

Please fix

The app always notifies me of movement but when I try to view it it says disconnected or camera offline. And then when I close it, it will notify me again. It’s frustrating cause I can not see what’s going on.

Does not work on iPhone 8 Plus
Calico Cat Forever

Does not work on iPhone 8 Plus. Unable to hold WiFi in camera and app. Unable to view videos on phone internet.

Not working

As others have said, won’t work with recent iOS updates. How can they claim its iOS compatible when it won’t work if u are on cellular data. This is when u need it

Doesn’t Work

I can’t even enter text mode to name the camera let alone set any of them up. Have to continue to use the old version


Save your time.

No longer works and tech support does not focus on it

Since the last iOS update (to 10.2) app no longer connects to cameras using cellular data. Works fine if you're on wifi but if you're away from home, you won't be able to put the cameras to use the way you would hope. I'd recommend NOT BUYING LOREX / FLIR cameras until the app can be fixed cause you won't be able to use it the way it should which is to check it while you're not at home. Found a very good replacement brand ZMODO on amazon. Cost less than Lorex/FLIR systems and works fine on WiFi or on cell data. Much more intuitive to set up as well.

Does not work for me.

Cannot get this version to work with my Lorex cameras. It locates the cameras but does not accept input from touch screen on Iphone 6. Back to using the original. A waste of time and effort.

Password Error
Prairie man

Continually said password error when trying to view live, but worked fine for changing settings. Glad I did not delete the original app, also it should automatically port settings from Original Lorex app.