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Living Room - room escape game -

When I wake up
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Games Free koji morimoto iPhone, iPad, iPod

I was in a strange room
Find the hidden items in the room
The interpretation of the tricks many
escape from this room

Method of operation

examine the suspicious location
· Touch the place you want to examine

select an item
· Touch the item you want to select

see a detailed image of the item
・The touch again the selected item

Select other items to display detailed image of the item
You can use the item to item by touching

By touching the Home icon in the upper left
You can get back to the title screen

By touching the top right corner of the "?" Icon
You can go to Tips Site
(Sorry, Language Tips site is Japanese only)

In the MORE GAMES button on the title screen
You can see the other games


Love these escape games!

Keep making them and I'll keep playing them!


I love all this developer's games and I have played each and every one of them and I liked the fact that they were not too easy nor too hard. Sadly, this one was by far the easiest game this developer made. I finished it in about 10 to 20 minutes, not like the hour it usually takes me to finish this developer's game. This game was not up to their usual standards of difficulty, but that was just my opinion. I hope that this developer continues to makes their games because I love them but there is always that ONE bad apple in the tree (I say one because I know that the others are and will be really decent). I look forward in their future games because I know how well this developer usually makes their games and each is worth playing.

Well done??
Casual mode

I really enjoy this dev's escape games..they're well made, no glitches, difficulty just right, and no annoying ads. The door code on this one had me stumped..maybe I should brush up on my angles lol. Thanks!


I can't believe I just found this developer. Interesting that one reviewer said this was the easiest. I found it to be more difficult than the rest. Less logical, and even after a walk through, I don't understand why some of the answers were as they were.