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Wooden Toy - room escape game -

When I wake up
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Games Free koji morimoto iPhone, iPad, iPod

I was in a strange room
Find the hidden items in the room
The interpretation of the tricks many
escape from this room

Method of operation

examine the suspicious location
· Touch the place you want to examine

select an item
· Touch the item you want to select

see a detailed image of the item
・The touch again the selected item

Select other items to display detailed image of the item
You can use the item to item by touching

By touching the Home icon in the upper left
You can get back to the title screen

By touching the top right corner of the "?" Icon
You can go to Tips Site
(Sorry, Language Tips site is Japanese only)

In the MORE GAMES button on the title screen
You can see the other games


Doesn’t make sense

The color bars and black and white dots don’t make sense

Cute and Relaxing

The puzzles are thinky but not very hard. A few puzzles are a bit too basic, thus not as fun; one is a bit abstruse, but the in-game link to online hints/solutions is helpful and convenient. Overall an enjoyable diversion if you want a quick escape from your day!

Still neat

even though I was able to get out without solving several puzzles. That part was confusing but I went back in to figure them out and all in all this is a good and fun game.

Well done ??
Casual mode

Another good one from koji morimoto! This dev's games are done right.. fun, not frustrating, clever puzzles, smooth gameplay, no glitches, no annoying ads. Thank you..hope to see more!

Love the game

I'm a big fan of this developer's escape games. The puzzles make sense and are logical. I hate it when you play a game and the answer is totally from another planet. You don't get that with this developer. They are smart and so are their games. I wish it got more reviews so they can make more.

Good but still don't understand

The white & black stone puzzle.

Great game

Awesome game and very challenging too!

Excellent Escape the Room Game
Navy G-Man

This is my favorite of games from this author. Crisp graphics and very clever puzzles but all logical - no arcane or obscure puzzles. I like that multiple clues are required. Compares very well to a Tesshi-e type game, complete with a great food reward when solved! Keep up the good work - I would pay for games of this quality - perhaps several new ones bundled into a group.