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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

Great game

[email protected]

Great game but there is a major glitch in the scene where he is suppose to jump from the ladder on to the barrel while it is flooding. Instead of him staying on the barrel he just jumps back on the ladder and then dies no matter what i do. PLEASE FIX!

Absolutely outstanding

Ya boi Thomas

This game is amazing! I love it so much, now I usually don’t do reviews, but this deserves one! But I really hope you guys make another game. I have so many questions!!! Like why is he trying to find his sister? Where is he? Even a dlc would be so perfect! Anyone wondering to get the game, it’s worth it! The puzzles are hard but fun. Definitely worth the money! Please make another game!😁

Worst controls I’ve ever encountered


This game has so much going for it - it’s great in just about every way - but the controls make it unplayable. It’s really a shame, I was impressed by this and play dead’s other game Inside, but I’m severely disappointed that they’ve ignored all the negative feedback about the absolutely ridiculous controls. They’ve ruined what could have been an incredible game.

All about timing


I bought this game after having played INSIDE—a game that I really enjoyed. Some of the puzzles are really interesting to figure out, but too many of them are exclusively about timing. Even with better controls I would not have liked the game.



I played Inside first. Both are amazing games...but, the controls for both are absolutely retarded. As in there are NO controls. You just try to tap on the screen in the exact right spot. Jeez. Why can’t you fix this problem. It’s ridiculous.

Can’t control moves


Nice graphics and ideas for puzzles but figure doesn’t respond well to direction so fail puzzle over and over and over so deleted game due to game error not player error



When you play this game, it’s a pretty hard game but once you get to the middle you start to understand and get that he’s determined to find his sister.the obstacles in this game made me think. But after made me think harder about why he needed to get through these obstacles and why they are there, but then I realized how hard he was trying to get to his sister the game showed a passion a meaning.the sense of never giving up. This game truly amazed me. And if the author of this game makes a second I’m getting it.

Best game in a long time


This game was incredible. Beautifully designed, great testing puzzles. Thank you for the experience. Looking forward to a sequel.



Amazing puzzler! Absolutely beautiful to play! Will have you scratching your head and smiling the whole time!

Beautiful game, unplayable

Clothes Whorse

This game has a very compelling story, beautiful graphics, and some challenging but approachable puzzles. The stupid tap-and-drag controls render it unplayable. Save your dollars.