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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

Stop reading and buy it


This is exactly what games should be on the App Store, along with its sister game Inside. Great gameplay, tight controls, atmospheric settings with memorable scenes, intelligent gameplay with a little bit of mystery and personal interpretation, no ads, no pay wall , no add ones, pay once and you get a great game. Make more please. Thanks



I played I love the tone the style cool game and a boy you play as duhh I like it and it’s a good game and I love the game and the black and white style playdead did you play with the game the end is the boy’s sister 🥰 raineewolfe

Great Game


Limbo is a pretty fun and challenging game. It’s a good way to pass time. I like the mystery of the storyline as well.

Crap controllers .


Nice graphics , good content etc..etc..but the controls are not much very responsive and it delays to move the character ....

Bad controls


The controls for movement are absolutely terrible and ruins the game!

Too short


I payed for it yesterday and within around 10 hours I was able to complete it. It wasn’t the hardest game in the world but it wasn’t necessarily easy either, I enjoyed the game I was simply upset it was over so fast

Not optimized for iPad Pro


Why is this amazing game not optimized for iPad Pro??????


Pops Perk

This is the WORST game EVER! Stupid, morbid, & frustrating!!! Stay away!! Nothing but BS traps! Spend your hard earned money in something better

Love it


Can’t wait for them to come up with another one! This game is incredible, I couldn’t put my phone down I had to keep figuring out each puzzle! So good!

Horrifyingly Beautiful

Miku 02

Limbo is spine-chilling fun that is sure to rattle your bones!

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