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Liberty Go PR is free iOS app published by Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico Ltd

App engañosa


En Discovery anuncian una programación y cuando vas al canal están dando otra,el idioma esta solo en Inglés y no se puede cambiar a español, no se puede grabar capítulos como dicen en fin una verdadera basura esta aplicación .

Does not open


Does not open after download on iPhone. It is not working how it was design to work. I can not access my account through the application to verify anything about my account.

I can see my TV content everywhere!


So convenient and reliables from Day 1. Thank you, Liberty!

Cant livestream


Just called customer support and they told me that you cant livestream on the app. Even though thats the whole point of the app. They told me its an app error because streaming isn't allowed on the app… Im so confused lol

No funciona


Esta aplicación no funciona siempre dice que no estoy subscrito y si estoy subscrito al canal 4 perdona pero aparentemente no es importante para Liberty.

The App is not compatible with iPhone 13


I find it hard to believe that Liberty, who owns the rights to AT&T in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, could not foresee the advent of Apple’s newest phone. They fell asleep at the wheel when they should have been updating their app. This is par for the course for Liberty and it’s shoddy service.

Does not work


Unable to open when downloaded. Keeps saying reload



This app is garbage, it never works. We should sue the developers of this app.

Complete garbage


It has been almost a year and this app has been a complete nightmare to even watch TV and they are doing this just to make you pay more cable boxes in your whole house. What’s really funny the competition Claro is emphasizing on the use of tablets and smart phones to watch TV in their houses without the need of installation of additional cable boxes. Truly the opposite.

This app continues to let me down.


After so many upgrades and iterations, this app still leaves a lot to be desired. Biggest concern is sound. It might be right at the beginning of a viewing, but it progressively begins to lag more and more, to the point of lagging a full 7 seconds behind. Clearly Liberty has very little resources assigned to the management and sustainability of this app, so my review will continue at one or below.